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V2 Cigs is the best electronic cigarette on the market, there is no question about it.

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V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes from V2 Cigs
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V2 Cigs Coupon and Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews conclude that V2 Cigs are the best choice for electronic cigarette in the market today. These cigarettes have received the best overall comments since they were introduced into the market. V2 cigs have become very popular; emerging as the market leader after comparisons with other electronic cigarettes.
So what makes V2 cigs the best electronic cigarette in the market? Several features of these cigs as demonstrated by recent electronic cigarettes reviews have managed to place the cigarette brand in the leading position. They include: 
• They offer 10 different cartridge flavors in different strengths for consumers to select from and more flavors are still being developed. Other brands of electronic cigarettes do not offer these different flavors. 
• V2 cigs have a portable charger that can charge your cigarette while carrying it in your pocket. Making it convenient for the consumer using he cigarette. They also come witha manual battery offer, which is a choice not offered by other brands.
• When a consumer buys a V2 cigs they get 4 battery colors ,10 cartridge flavors choices, 3 battery lengths, 8 different types of kits to choose from.
• The prices for V2 cigs are affordable to most. V2 cigs are cheaper than most of their competitor brands. This has made them to become the choice electronic cigarette for consumers who want to buy them for the first time to replace tobacco cigarettes.
• The lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturers of the device also makes the cigs stand out from the competing brands.
• Their website also offers live chat option with a customer service agent for support. Consumers can then discuss any questions they have with a customer service representative via this option. Any issues raised here are always addressed. A consumer forum is also available in the website. Consumers can discuss any issues with other consumers.

Simply V2 cigs have been made to accommodate people with different tastes and different lifestyles. There is a choice for each one making them the best choice for electronic cigarettes. So get one and try the brand today.

Use coupon code EKITS to save 10% on any of their products! Simply Visit Here to Use.
V2 Cigs is one of the most reviewed E-Cigarettes in the world and also rated as one of the best electronic cigarette, as it has nearly everything that is required by an E-Cigarette. 

- The cheapest entry level kit.
- Lowest cartridge price.
- A life time warranty.
- A manual battery choice.
- Large accessory range to choose from.
- Custom cartridge flavors.
- List of the ingredients on the site.
- Highest number of kit choices - 9. 
- Large choice of flavors - Red (giving the Marlboro Red effect), Menthol, Peppermint, Congress, Sahara (giving the Camel effect), Grape, Cherry, Chocolate and some other flavors.
V2Cigs come in a variety of kits, which vary according to the options required by you. Starting with the Economy kit which is the most basic one and contains a battery, 5 flavor cartridges, AC adapter and USB charger. The only catch with this kit is the E-Cigarette cannot be used when the battery is charging since there is only one, and going up to the Ultimate kit which comprises of two batteries, 15 cartridges, USB charger, car charger and an AC charger. The kits in between the two can be chosen as per your need.
A review by experts carried out over a four month period of all the E-Cigarettes available in the market, more than 50 brands, concluded that V2Cigs was the best available and was voted the best E-Cigarette of 2012. The main parameters used for assessing all the brands were Quality, Customer Consistency, Vapor Output of the cigarette and Expertise used in manufacture,
Smokers Utopia, the most brutal E-Cigarette review site in the world has also mentioned V2 Cigs saying that they have been the top players in the field of E-Cigarettes since their rise in popularity in 2009.
Another E-Cigarette review at writes about V2 Cigs saying that it is the best electronic cigarette and also a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
Date Reviewed: December 21, 2012, 12:01 pm
Reviewed by RJ Ross
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