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You get much more than just a Website Template. You get a fully functional website with all necessary pages and many built-in features including social sharing, email newsletter sign-up and management, live chat feature on website, and more. I also found this to be the only place to offer free logo, free Web-Hosting and free installation & set-up included with all websites.


They replace the design templates available for sale on the website frequently in order to ensure too many businesses do not end up with the same design. I had seen a great design on the site a couple of months ago, but I am unable to get that today. Another drawback that affects repeat buyers is lack of a good 'My Account' section on the site where existing customers can see past orders, etc.


My company's website has been built with service and I recommend it to others. There are other places that offer full website templates or ready-made websites . However, seemed to be the only place to offer a template with all core pages, free logo, and free web-hosting. They even installed my website at no extra charge. I

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Website Template With Free Logo, Web-Hosting & Set-Up

My Challenge: How to Choose The Right Method to Build a Website for My Small Business?

I was looking for the best way to create my website when I was launching my new business last year.

If you are starting a business like me, then you must have faced a similar problem when finding the right service to build your website. Like any other business, I wanted a great website that not only looked good but also had the right functionality that would allow me to promote my business, generate leads, and engage my audience.

Even though, like most start-ups, I had limited funds available at my disposal so I wanted to choose an affordable method to build my website.

At the same time I did not want affordability to affect the quality of my website and the service I received. I toyed with several methods and finally decided to build my site with the help of website templates. I reviewed many template websites including the big names like Template Monster. I liked the designs available on offer but I was concerned about the fact that I would still need to hire a web design professional to customize and adapt my chosen template to fit my needs. This would mean more time and money, which were both in short supply especially when you are starting your small business.

The Method Did I Choose

I finally decided to go for a niche ready-made website from Although the company are based in the UK, the sites were not regional specific and can be used by just about any business. I chose this service after carefully researching and analysing the pros and cons of each affordable website provider.

Price of Website: $67

There is a flat one-time charge of $67 to get your website. You will get your template files for safe-keeping and an expert will install and confugure the website on a suitable web-hosting package for free.

Why I Chose This Service?

Here are some of the reasons I chose for my website needs:

•It was as close to a finished website as I could get
•It required the least customisation
•The websites were of a high standard
•It costs the same as a regular website template
•There are no monthly fees
• There were a lot of promotions e.g. free web-hosting or set-up

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

In my opinion, any business that is looking for a good website with engaging features can benefit from this service. Whether you are starting a new business or want to make your current website more professsiona,. you can benefit from a clean-cut, modern website that makes your business stand.

What Other Alternatives Are There?

1. Regular Website Templates

There are other ways to create an affordable website for your small business that can consider. Regular template websites like Template Monster offer a variety of website templates in many different formats. If you have the design skills to customize and set-up your templates then regular template websites are worth taking a look at.

2. Web-Based Website Builders

Web-based website builders like Shopify are also worth considering if you want a hosted solution at a monthly fee. You sign-up for an account and then are able to build your website yourself by choosing a template and using drag and drop features to create your website.

The only drawback is that you don't own your website and will lose your site when you terminate the monthly service.


Choosing the right method to build your small business website is a difficult and challenging decision to make. There are many options ranging from do-it-yourself website builders to website templates.

Templates offer a great option for building your small business website. But if you don't have the time or skills to customize and install your template, yourself, you may want to consider ready-made websites from They offer a combined service that includes ready-made website template, logo, web-hosting, and set-up - for the price of a regular template.

My company's website is built with this service. I recommend it to others.
Date Reviewed: April 30, 2013, 11:19 am
Reviewed by patjames
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