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It is realistic and straight to the point. So simple and effective. In short "simply the best one yet".


it has no catchy phrase to it or imagery in fact it is not out there to the world enough.. Very few know about it and its amazing capabilities.


finally something realistic

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Hagai : I love great products and with an eye to catch the best accessory i believe i ca...Member Reputation 3 • 1 active Krits
Customized Fat Loss downloadable program from kyle leon
Weight Loss
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How to loose weight realistically - Customized fat loss program

Of course i'm not giving you a remedy some miracle step by step procedure!!!

I love to travel, it comes naturally in fact taking a vacation is the easiest thing about my life. I mean how hard could it be to decide that you need a break? i want to break from writing this review right now, in fact if the beach was in my back yard i would be in heaven, i better get myself a beach house soon!! don't you think? So yes i want to sit on a beach chair and be lazy for days and Yes i want to go to that hot spot with that incredible shirt i bought the other day.

But you see it may not be quite that easy. Why? Glad you asked, going to beach involves beach wear which involves showing off our true body shapes which i may say are beautiful no matter. But beautiful may not be comfortable so why wouldn't i want to feel comfortable at the beach or in my brand new shirt?

Truth of the matter is that everywhere you go you see beautiful people but are they comfortable with their bodies? We all want to feel amazing each day we look in the mirror we hope to see a fantastic body i mean it doesn't matter to us whether we have not done anything to deserve it but all we wish for is to be loved and touched, we want to be talked about and noticed like wow "you have an amazing body."

You have sat down with a computer all night searching the internet for every shred of information or promotion that claims to be the answer to all your prayers but wait!! Don't they always seem to know what to say to keep you hooked on their long miraculous break through. Well ill be honest with you for once,"there is NO miracle about it!'" People have been loosing weight since the beginning of time and if you don't want to miss out on that long overdue family vacation or that romantic Easter holiday or that date you have been day dreaming of all month, I say throw away those expensive pills and erase that un-realistic diet from your mind.

lets loose weight, ITS EASY, ITS REALISTIC, IT DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AND IT YIELDS RESULTS!!!! you can loose up to 10 to 15 pounds and transform your life, transform your relationships. It is real and it works.

I warned you this is no miracle step by step procedure!! There is no standard written routine for everyone out there, the secret to success is accepting that we are all unique in every or any way. So instead of adopting someone else's ridiculous routine that only works for her or for him I stumbled upon a particular strategy which i may say felt like a hoax at first cause lets face it we've all fallen for those fake remedies online. This one was different, no magic pill, no magic food. Just clear realistic strategy that can be customized to fit my unique attributes.

So i went to the beach the other day, actually in Malindi- Kenya to be exact (for those of you who may not have heard about it. Malindi is paradise, pristine, exclusive and the most amazing beach I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. You know that one place where you shut your eyes and just take it all in? I'm glad i lost weight and am glad i feel at home every where I go. If this is what it means to be comfortable with yourself then am signing up as a life long member.

I feel like a winner and i feel like everything is possible. So un-believable how easy and how "right in front of our eyes" the answer is. No product should ever lead you on!!This product is so precise and so do-able and to be honest after a very long search it is exactly what we all need. FINALLY!!!
Date Reviewed: May 25, 2012, 12:21 pm
Reviewed by hagai
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Kylecart excellent program...i loved it and so did my wife..thank you :) kylecart Rating
Mon, May 28, 2012 5:18AM • By: kylecartrssreport user
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