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Very fluent, the pandaren race fits into the game as a whole very well. New gaming zones and dungeons are fantastic to play and ultimately eye catching which helps to improve the gaming experience as a whole.


Fluency of the game is very dependant on your internet connection as with all other online games.


Overall I think that blizzard have been very successful in the making of this game they have pleased me and hopefully every other fanatic out there. I hope the next expansion to come will be just as delightful to play as this one. Its fluent and generally an enjoyment to play that instantly immerses you within the game.

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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria from Blizzard
World Of Warcraft Mists Of Pandaria
Ben Pollard rates this 4.5/5
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World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Expansion

If you have never played World of Warcraft, then you should give it a try. This stylish, fluent well thought out massively multiplayer online game has never failed to please since 2006 when it emerged. The game consists of two main factions, alliance and horde, good or evil. Both of these consist of 6 epic races and 1 neutral race. The humans, dwarfs, gnomes, night elf, worgen and draeni all fighting for peace and tranquillity in the alliance and then you have the orcs, tauren, troll, undead, blood elf and goblins all of which are in the fight for terror and carnage, and finally you have the newly added race, the neutral race that could be either alliance or horde, the race that has caused massive controversy within the WoW gaming universe on all sorts of blogs and social networking websites... The PANDAREN (aka: a big but serious looking panda!).

Now this race was in trouble from the start if I am brutally honest. The once serious adult/young adults sophisticated RPG was tainted by the fans as becoming “a money grabbing game for toddlers”. Now I also must agree I was very sceptical about this character, I thought the gaming monopoly Blizzard were following in the footsteps of “Kung-Fu panda”! After such a massive success with all the other World of Warcraft expansion packs, (the burning crusade, cataclysm and the wrath of the lich king) I had a horrible feeling that this would would end it all.

But boy was I wrong, along with the other 8 million WoW fans out there. The pandaren are a fantastic race that instantly fit in along with the other veteran races of the game, the graphics used for the character were fantastic and allowed the character to seamlessly work with how the game is set to run. To reinforce how well blizzard have done, the new gaming zone “Pandaria” compliments the race wonderfully, a beautiful land, bursting at the seems with all sorts of creatures and epic landscapes that keep the eyes of the gamers busy for hours on end. The terrain of the game still has the devastating, destructive remains of deathwing from the Cataclysm expansion but know also has a new terrain that promotes peace and tranquility this giving the player a change of scenary and keeping them on the edge throughout the leveling process.

The questing lines in the new Pandaren zone are also fantastic, they take you on a journey through this sacred land whilst constantly teaching you about the heritage of the pandaren and their tradition. This helps the new players to easily adapt to the new character and get used to how they are played amongst other characters within the game.

Another new aspect of the game is the monk class, this is a class designed to use swift and fast technical hand combat moves that can prove to be massively effective in the game. The special attacks have been very closely based on actual martial arts and gives the class a certain authenticity and belief that compliment all the characters using this class.

This game also works wonders for new comers. The games objectives, questing lines and money making schemes were all very difficult even for the most experienced players which made it a very long proccess when leveling and trying to buy good quality armour and this could put many players off the game. But the new expansion has increased the rewards system for how much money you earn on quests and made it allot easier to find dungeon groups to gain quality armour with by using the dungeon finder tool.

Date Reviewed: November 16, 2012, 9:00 am
Reviewed by Ben Pollard
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