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Mansions Owned By Rich And Famous People That Are Basically Worthless Now

February 2, 2023

You wouldn't think that the Rich & Famous would have troubles selling their mansions. However, the owners of these luxurious homes will tell you that that is not true; no matter how gorgeous, these once highly valued pieces of real estate have since had zero takers on the market.

Rich and Famous Homes That Won't sell
Getty/Sam Greenwood and The Agency Real Estate

There are many reason a valuable piece of property like these don't move, the reasons vary from property to property. In the case of some celebrity homes, the previous owners' reputation had a negative impact on the market value of the property. For others, the history of the property itself has bottomed out its own worth to practically nothing.

Usually, high property taxes or overvaluation are to blame, but there is no doubt that it is frustrating for celebrities who want to offload unused properties. Read on to see the most expensive mansions that almost no one wants to buy.

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Mel Gibson's Home - Malibu, California

Mel Gibson's Home - Malibu, California 1
Mel Gibson's Home - Malibu, California @Dawn Delanghe-Foor /

Listed In: 2010
Size: 6,500 square feet
Asking Price: $14.5 million*

Speculation is high that Prince Harry himself is keen to purchase Mel Gibson's five-bedroom, five-bathroom, French country Malibu home – but so far this pricey mansion remains unsold more than a decade after Gibson listed it. He first listed it for $14.5 million in 2010. One year later he dropped the price to $12.8 million.

By November of 2011, the price continued to fall to $11.8 million, marking a whopping $1 million drop in eight months. Gibson removed it from the market until 2019, when he put it back up for the original $14.5 million asking price.

Gibson first bought the mansion in 2008 from David Duchovny and Tea Leoni, an actor who has starred in shows like Fox'sThe X-Files. Gibson then took the ocean-view estate and gave it his own personal touch, highlighting some of the estate's “Old World” characteristics. It's likely that high property taxes are to blame for the lack of sale.

Mel Gibson - Personal Information
  • Name: Mel Gibson
  • Gender: male
  • Age: 65
  • Height: 5'9" (1.77m)
  • Birthday: January 3rd, 1956
  • Net Worth: $425,000,000
  • Nationality: us
  • Occupation: Actor, Screenwriter, Film Director, Film Producer, Television Producer, Television Director, Voice Actor
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