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Photos That Will Make You Take A Second Look

June 16, 2024

Un Believable Photos That Are - Out of the Ordinary

There are certain images on the internet that seem normal when you first glance at them – but if you look closer, you realize that there’s more than meets the eye

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Sexy Selfie Overshadowed By Her Demon Dog

Sexy Selfie - Demon Dog 2
A Beautiful Building Plan

In an era of a constant stream of selfies this sexy photo taker neglected to check her background surroundings.

Tarantula Terror Hair

Tarantula Terror 1
Tarantula Terror

In this image, we see a woman who seems fairly relaxed and happy. She seems to have caught the attention of the spectators in the background - and they all seem quite amused.

Always Check Your Group Shot Members

Always Check Your Group Shot Members
Naked Shower

This team really should have checked all members of the team before snapping this group selfie.

A Beautiful Cookie Cutter Building Plan

A Beautiful Building Plan 2
A Beautiful Building Plan

Based on first glance alone, this image looks like it must be fake. Perhaps it's a neighborhood me out of simple Lego blocks or a computer-generated model for the design of an upcoming neighborhood.

Just Another Brick In The Wall

Another Brick In the Wall 3
Another Brick In the Wall

Another Brick In the Wall

While the pattern of the bricks has a standard design, the material is what catches the eye. One of the bricks is actually a wooden block. Why replace a strong brick with an arguably weaker wooden block? That's one of the questions that make this photo so interesting.

Oblivious Bride And Groom

Hidden Messages 4
Hidden Messages

Weddings are a beautiful time for the bride, the groom, and their families. Photographers are responsible for catching each magical moment for families to look back on fondly.

Read Between The Vases

Between the Vases 5
Between the Vases

Pottery is an amazing craft. If you've ever watched a skilled person use a pottery wheel, you know how deftly they work to create a distinct design from a mound of clay.

A Puzzling Situation

A Puzzling Situation 6
A Puzzling Situation

When this Reddit user showed off the puzzle they were working on, it was easy to miss the problem. Without any more information, it just looks like the puzzle has two similar pieces.

When Your All Thumbs

Less Than Opposable 7
Less Than Opposable

There are certain things we see every day that we don't necessarily think about. For example, you probably don't give the creases on your hands a second thought.

Always Check Your Selfie Backgrounds

Remember to Check Your Backgrounds 8
Remember to Check Your Backgrounds

Even the best photo can be ruined by the worst background. After all, you don't want the focus pulled away from the main subject toward the drama happening behind it.

How Did This Toy Pass Quality Control?

Should That Be There? 9
Should That Be There?

A toy cash register is a common sight in many young children's toy boxes. After all, it is a classic choice - pretending to work in a grocery store or restaurant is something almost every kid has done.


Cosplay Gone Wrong

There's a certain accuracy you look for when someone puts on a costume. Mostly, you're looking to see if you know what they're dressed up as. Whether it's an Avenger, a celebrity, or a historic icon, the best part of a costume is how closely it resembles the real deal.

How Fast Was He Running?

How fast
How Fast Was He Going?

This dog might just be Clark Kent's long lost pet from Krypton. He flew through the cosmos, slammed into our atmosphere, and skidded to a halt unharmed on the asphalt.

Hidden In The Racks

Fashion Fascination 10
Fashion Fascination

This image seems rather dull at first. Without any closer inspection, it appears to be a rack of plain t-shirts that you might see at any department store.


Grilled...Cake? 11

At first glance, this picture looks like a tasty plate of grilled cheese. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice that this isn't quite the case.

Elephant Ears Or Are They?

Elephant Ears 12
Elephant Ears

This beautiful shot shows one of Mother Nature's smartest creatures. Elephants have many human-like traits, and live together in complex family structures.

Real Life Waldo Has Been Found!

There's Waldo! 13
There's Waldo!

Moving on to another wedding, this image shows a wedding party posing outdoors on the couple's special day. Everyone is perfectly posed, smiling, and dressed impeccably.

One Clove To Rule Them All

A Garlic Surprise 14
A Garlic Surprise

Garlic is a common ingredient that many people use on everything from chicken to pasta. Fresh garlic is the best way to achieve a potent flavor. But when this person peeled their garlic for dinner, they got quite a surprise.

To Tree Or Not To Tree

Larger Than Life 15
Larger Than Life

In passing, this looks like a photo of a tree. Granted, it would still be an impressive tree that h probably been alive for a long time, but that assumption isn't what makes this photo so impressive.

Unidentified Flying Cloud Formation

Unidentified Flying Clouds 16
Unidentified Flying Clouds

This is another photo that looks deceptively idyllic. It captures everything that a beautiful landscape portrait should have: a forest, a mountain range, and interesting clouds.

More Effective Street Sign

A Change In Hue 17
A Change In Hue

A stop sign is a common sight for most people, whether they drive or not. It's one of the most basic safety signs on the road to help prevent collisions.

Impeccable Footing

Living On the Edge 18
Living On the Edge

When you look at this image with a regular zoom, it isn't questionable at all. It just shows us a woman dressed fashionably, walking down the street.

Progressive Packaging Do You See It?

Progressive Packaging 19
Progressive Packaging

This is a package that a family picked up for their newborn son. It's a skincare lotion me specifically for newborns, and it seems ordinary if you don't give much thought to the photo.

A Little Bit Of Nature When Nature Calls

A Little Bit of Nature 20
A Little Bit of Nature

When you enter a public restroom, it's not uncommon to see some plant life - whether it be real or fake. Many places use it to and to the ambiance and decor without being too overwhelming.

Bread Rock

Bread Rock 21
Bread Rock

This is one of those pictures floating around online where it's easy to see the wrong thing and think it's just a dull photo. After all, it's just a loaf of bread in this photo, right?

Strike A Pose!

Who's Ready for a Picture? 22
Who's Ready for a Picture?

In this image, most people immediately notice the white owl in the center. It's an almost perfect closeup - he even has quite an expressive look on his face.

Great Acoustics Room?

What Great Acoustics 23
What Great Acoustics

Now That's How You Take A Nap

Blends In Nicely 24
Blends In Nicely

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar 25
Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Cross-Stitch Talent 26
Cross-Stitch Talent

When Life Mimics Art

Look at Those Graphics 27
Look at Those Graphics

Photo OR Painting?

Like a Painting 28
Like a Painting

The Dead Center Of Town

City Scapes 29
City Scapes

A Perfect Frame Job

Frame Job 30
Frame Job

Be Careful Where You Tread

Standing On Solid Ground 31
Standing On Solid Ground

I Dropped My Doughnut

Mushroom Mayhem 32
Mushroom Mayhem

Tiramisu Is A Little Dry

Tiramisu Dreams 33
Tiramisu Dreams

Waves In Space?

In Space? 34
In Space?

Don't Adjust Your Eyes

Out of Focus 35
Out of Focus

This Bread Tastes Funny

Looks Tasty 36
Looks Tasty

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Now You See Me 37
Now You See Me

When You Need A Hand

Give Him a Hand 38
Give Him a Hand

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Just Trying to Graduate 39
Just Trying to Graduate

Two Legs, One Vase

Two Legs, One Vase 40
Two Legs, One Vase

Three's Company

Three's Company 41
Three's Company

I Can't Bear This Anymore

Cute Keychain 42
Cute Keychain

A Rave In The Sink

Neon Dreams 43
Neon Dreams

When Life Gives You Lemons

Mutant Lemons 44
Mutant Lemons

Beware Of Cats

Not Quite Domestic 45
Not Quite Domestic

Leveled Up Her Jeans

Eye-Catching Outerwear 46
Eye-Catching Outerwear

Like A Rock

Just a Pup 47
Just a Pup

Fluffy Tree

Who Needs Leaves? 48
Who Needs Leaves?

Creepy Peekaboo Wallet

A Perfect Coincidence 49
A Perfect Coincidence

When You Meet Your Doppelganger

Nearly a Mirror Image 50
Nearly a Mirror Image

Is There Something Wrong With This Picture?

The Hidden Fire 51
The Hidden Fire

Proposal Meets Horror Movie

A Match Made in Hell 52
A Match Made in Hell

Mixed Messages

Happy Holidays 53
Happy Holidays

Mannequin Disguise

Mannequin Manners 54
Mannequin Manners

Invisibility Pants

The Perfect Camouflage 55
The Perfect Camouflage

The Walk Of Shame

A Bold Move 56
A Bold Move

Immortalized Pet

Ready for a Treat 57
Ready for a Treat

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