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Vivid Smart Watch 2024 Review

April 19, 2024

Vivid Smart Watch

Watch and Health Monitoring All in One
4 reviews

NEW for 2024

Key Features
  • Set and keep track of time
  • Set Alarms
  • Optional GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Easy USB Charging
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the latest inventions in the industry. It uses the most recent technologies that make it easy to use. Apart from the health and fitness features, it also offers good phone companionship by allowing users to receive messages and other notifications.

Smartwatches are the latest inventions after digital watches. Digital watches have existed for several years and had several features that made them so familiar. These features include calculators, alarms, and unit converters. However, different technological companies saw the need to develop smartwatches that would adapt to the current technological advancements.

Vivid Smart Watch Smartwatch is an advanced watch that can perform more functions compared to an ordinary digital watch. The Matic Smartwatch contains a computer system that performs the regular functions of a typical watch and other technological processes. The Vivid Smart Watch Swift Smartwatch does not connect to the internet but allows users to connect directly to other devices such as smartphones.

After purchasing the device, users can download the watch’s software from the app store to their phone. After downloading, connect the device to your smartphone using Bluetooth. The connection helps you track the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burnt, and the route taken. The Vivid Smart Watch Swift Smartwatch contains pulse sensors that help monitor one’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Apart from the health and fitness features, it also notifies you of your phone’s incoming calls or messages.

Customer Testimonials
Brenda M. Vivid Smart Watch Testimonial
Verified Purchase

My niece loves her new Vivid Smart Watch. I’m amazed at how many different things the watch does. She finally stopped asking me for one of those other over-priced e-watches which do exactly the same thing but for way more money. This was a great deal.

Brenda M.
Jean B. Vivid Smart Watch Testimonial
Verified Purchase

After a week of heavy research and reading reviews, I decided on an Vivid Smart Watch. I’m so glad I did. The battery life is great, the feel is awesome, and it’s jammed pack with so many settings and it has a classy, stylish look. I recommend this for the novice as well as hard core exercise individual. I'm in love with my Vivid Smart Watch.

Jean B.
Mike S. Vivid Smart Watch Testimonial
Verified Purchase

My first smartwatch and I'm in love with this thing. Tons of features and activities to record and I keep discovering new things every day. This watch exceeded my expectations. Buy it, you'll love it.

Mike S.
Jenny B. Vivid Smart Watch Testimonial
Verified Purchase

This watch is amazing and I saved a fortune compared to the price of the larger name watches available. Easy to setup and monitor my workouts.

Jenny B.
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