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The Hidden Secrets Inside Everyday Objects

December 9, 2022
There are many things we see every day but don't think a lot about. We might know what these objects look like, but we rarely know how they work or what they are like inside. If you have ever wondered what the interior of an ATM looks like or if a fossilized dinosaur bone looks weird inside, these pictures are for you.
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The Ball In Spray Paint Cans Is Actually A Marble, Am I The Only One Who Thought It Was Metal?

The ball in spray paint cans is actually a marble, am I the only one who thought it was metal? 1
There are many things we see every day but don't think a lot about. We might know what these objects look like, but we rarely know how they work or what they are like inside. If you have ever wondered what the interior of an ATM looks like or if a fossilized dinosaur bone looks weird inside, these pictures are for you.If you have ever used spray paint, you know that there is some sort of ball inside the can that moves around when you shake it. Because of its metallic sound, we just always kind of assumed this ball was made of metal – but it turns out it's just a regular marble!

This Is What The Inside Of A Bowling Ball Looks Like.

This is what the inside of a bowling ball looks like. 2
It turns out bowling balls are not all the same inside. They have different cores, which have different shapes, that affect the way they roll and spin. This is why professional bowlers actually choose their balls carefully before they play.

Inside The Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

Inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 3
We don't know what we expected the inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to look like, but this is not it. It turns out the tower is completely hollow inside. But to be honest, even though there is nothing to see there, we'd still love to be able to see it from this angle in person.

The Flavors Inside Soda Fountain Dispensers Come In Printer Ink Like Cartridges.

The flavors inside soda fountain dispensers come in printer ink-like cartridges. 4
Have you ever wondered how soda fountain dispensers work? Basically, these machines mix soda water with flavored syrup, which are stored separately, creating soft drinks when you push down the lever or press the button.

Inside A Fossilized Dinosaur Bone.

Inside a fossilized dinosaur bone. 5
This might be one of the coolest things we have ever seen. It's an agate found inside the pore space of a fossilized dinosaur bone, which surprisingly is sometimes found in fossils in the Morrison Formation in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

This Is What The Inside Of An ATM Looks Like.

This is what the inside of an ATM looks like. 6
Although ATMs are everywhere, we definitely don't know enough about them. We know they allow us to access our own money but have absolutely no idea how they actually work. At least now we know what they look like inside.

Inside Of A 40 Year Old Water Pipe.

Inside of a 40-year-old water pipe. 7
Maybe you've never wondered what ATMs or dinosaur bones look like inside because you don't have those in your house. But have you ever wondered what the inside of old water pipes looks like? Well, now you know.

This Is How Locks Work.

This is how locks work. 8
Locks have pins inside them that are designed to have different heights and configurations to match their keys. When the right key is inserted into a lock, it presses against the pins. These pins, in turn, are pushed to align flush with the shear line, which then allows the key to turn.

The Die From The Inside Of A Magic 8 Ball.

The die from the inside of a Magic 8-Ball. 9
Maybe it's just us, but we had no idea how Magic 8-Balls worked until this moment. We're not saying we truly believed they were magic and could actually predict the future but… we also didn't think they just had a die inside them.

Inside Amazon Warehouse Ahead Of Christmas.

Inside Amazon warehouse ahead of Christmas. 10
Have you ever wondered what Amazon warehouses look like inside? If you have ever driven past one of those, you know they are huge – this specific one in Phoenix, AZ, is 1.2 million sq ft -, but did you know they were this huge?

The Inside Of A Fire Alarm Is Just A Simple Switch.

The inside of a fire alarm is just a simple switch. 11
While this is what's inside the fire alarm cover, we all know there is a lot more hiding behind the main control panel. That being said, we expected to find more than just a switch when opening the red cover…

The Inside Of A Gas Pump.

The inside of a gas pump. 12
This picture made us contemplate a lot about why we call this a gas pump. After all, when you think about it, a gas pump isn't really a gas pump since the actual pump, as you can see here, is in the ground…

The Inside Of An Aerial Firework.

The inside of an aerial firework. 13
If you've ever wondered how aerial fireworks work, let us explain what you are looking at. A firework shell is usually made up of four parts: a paper container, sparkler-like stars", a firecracker-like bursting charge in the middle, and a fuse that provides a time delay allowing the shell to explode at the right altitude.

The Interior Of The Breathable Mattress My Infant Son Uses To Prevent Suffocation.

The interior of the breathable mattress my infant son uses to prevent suffocation. 14
Although specialists might disagree on whether breathable mattresses are actually safer or not for kids, it's pretty interesting to see how they work. Made to allow kids to breathe in case they roll over while sleeping, breathable mattresses are also washable.

€"In The Cockpit."

In the cockpit. 15
Whether you travel every month or are terrified of planes, you've probably wondered what the cockpit looks like. We all know pilots have to be extremely skilled and qualified in order to fly commercial airplanes, but we had no idea that this was the level of knowledge required for the job.

Sediment Buildup Inside Water Main.

Sediment buildup inside water main. 16
Have you ever wondered what water mains look like inside? Well, us neither. But now that we know, we can't stop thinking about it. Apparently, this type of main started being used in the mid-90s, so this is approximately 25 years of sediment buildup. Talk about hard water!

Picture Taken From Inside The Eye Of A Hurricane.

Picture taken from inside the eye of a hurricane. 17
Wikimedia Commons
Few things in life have made us feel as uneasy as we did after looking at this photo. This is a view of Hurricane Katrina as seen from a hurricane hunter aircraft before the storm made landfall on the Gulf Coast.

Interior Of An MRI Room Before The Walls Are Finished.

Interior of an MRI room before the walls are finished. 18
Before finishing the walls in an MRI room, they are entirely covered in a thin layer of copper sheeting. The floors, on the other hand, are enough shielding since they are made of concrete.

Penguins Have Knees And Very Long Necks.

Penguins have knees and very long necks. 19
Well, you really do learn something new every day. We never really stopped to think about whether penguins had knees, but looking at this picture it definitely makes sense. While they don't use their knees for walking the same way we do, their knees are important for sliding across the ice, swimming, and incubating eggs.

The Inner Shell Of Motorcycle Helmets Is Made Of Polystyrene.

The inner shell of motorcycle helmets is made of polystyrene. 20
In order to absorb the shock of an impact, the inner shell of motorcycle helmets is made of polystyrene foam. By wearing a helmet, motorcyclists can reduce the risk of a potential head injury by 69% and the risk of death by 42%.

Inside Of Space Mountain With All The Lights On.

Inside of Space Mountain with all the lights on. 21
Space Mountain originally opened in 1975 at Disney World, in Florida. Today, there are versions of the space-themed roller coaster in five of the six Disney Parks around the world: Disneyland Resort, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Inside Of A Radioactive Waste Barrel.

The inside of a radioactive waste barrel. 22
This is a 200-liter steel drum containing low or medium-level waste. While low-level waste refers to items such as single-use protective clothing and shoe covers, medium-level waste includes chemical sludge and metal nuclear fuel cladding.

Cross Section Of Two Human Males €" One Obese And The Other Fit.

Cross-section of two human males – one obese and the other fit. 23
This is pretty interesting to see. As cool as it might be to peep into the inner side of a dinosaur bone or the eye of a hurricane, we have to admit it's even more fascinating to see what we all look like inside.

Inside A Perfectly Preserved Fossilized Dinosaur Egg.

Inside a perfectly preserved fossilized dinosaur egg. 24
Found in Ganzhou, southern China, this perfectly-preserved dinosaur embryo is estimated to be between 72 to 66 million years old. With the help of this artist's rendition, we can see that dinosaurs displayed the same embryonic positioning as modern birds do inside their eggs.

The Inside Of A FedEx Boeing 757 Without Any Cargo.

The inside of a FedEx Boeing 757 without any cargo. 25
First introduced in 1983, the Boeing 757 is used not only by cargo companies but also by U.S. mainline carriers and European charter airlines. So if you thought this looked small because it's meant for cargo only, look again – it's all a matter of perspective.

The Inside Of Some Teeth.

The inside of some teeth. 26
This picture is fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Even if you are not afraid of the dentist, you probably also don't usually count the days until your next appointment either. The red stuff inside your teeth is actually the reason they feel sensitive sometimes – it is called pulp and it's a soft tissue that houses the root canal, blood vessels, and nerves.

The Inside Of A Pine Cone.

The inside of a pine cone. 27
We know what you're thinking: There's no way this is actually what a pine cone looks like when it's cut in half." And we agree it looks very different from what we expected the inside of a pine cone to look like. But it's true, we Googled it so you wouldn't have to.

9V Batteries Are Made Up Of 6 AAAA Sized Cells.

9V batteries are made up of 6 AAAA-sized cells. 28
Have you ever wondered what was inside those bulky 9V batteries? It turns out inside some of these batteries are just smaller batteries and connectors to get the energy from one cell to the other.

Bullet Cross Section.

Bullet cross-section. 29
Well, maybe it's just us, but we never knew that different types of bullets have different types of gun powder. If you were also curious, it turns out that the grain size and shape are related to the burn rate of the powder.

The Inside Of A Hippo's Mouth.

The inside of a hippo's mouth. 30
As we all know, hippos are one of the largest species in the animal kingdom. They need around 100 lbs of food every single day to maintain their weight and their mouths open 150 degrees to help them achieve their daily intake goal.

A Child's Skull With Baby Teeth in The Process Of Being Replaced By Permanent Ones.

A child's skull with baby teeth in the process of being replaced by permanent ones. 31
We never thought we would want to see what a child's skull looks like – but now that we have, we honestly can't stop thinking about it. How interesting is it that kids grow a set of teeth that get replaced with permanent teeth as they grow up?!

Coffee Machine Filter Cut In Half.

Coffee machine filter cut in half. 32
We have mixed feelings about these pictures. On one hand, we are not sure why this person decided to cut their coffee machine filter open. But on the other hand, we are very glad they did – we had never seen the activated charcoal and ion-exchange resin inside a filter before.

Toothpaste Pattern Inside The Tube.

Toothpaste pattern inside the tube. 33
This picture is making us weirdly nostalgic. We remember being kids and wondering how toothpaste would always come out of the tube with neat stripes – and now we know. This is so obvious and simple, but we never knew until now.

Cross Section Of A Rattlesnake's Rattle.

Cross-section of a rattlesnake's rattle. 34
There is so much we don't know about nature. We had seen pictures of rattlesnakes but had no idea this is what their rattles looked like inside. In fact, if you had ever wondered how they made that loud rattling sound to deter predators, the sound is produced when these interlocking segments clash together.

Steel Core Inside A €"rubber" Bullet.

Steel core inside a rubber bullet. 35
Despite their name, rubber bullets are not exclusively made of rubber. They are usually either a homogenous mixture of rubber and other components or have a metal core with a rubber coating.

Disassembled Escalator.

Disassembled escalator. 36
Even after staring at this picture for a few minutes, we can't truly figure out how escalators work. We know that there's a motor that powers them and that the steps go flat so they can travel easily after reaching the curved section of the track – but we still feel like we're missing some information here.

Pearls In An Oyster.

Pearls in an oyster. 37
If you've ever seen a Little Mermaid, you've probably spent your whole life believing that oysters were these jewelry-box-looking objects that only housed a single shiny pearl at a time. It turns out that oysters and mussels can produce several pearls at the same time.

The Core Of A Giant Jawbreaker.

The core of a giant jawbreaker. 38
This picture is so satisfying. We all know how hard it is to reach the core of a jawbreaker, after all, we all have tried. This is why we truly appreciate this person's effort in order to prevent us from damaging our teeth while trying to achieve a similar (yet less precise) result.

This Is How Pool Tables Work.

This is how pool tables work. 39
If you've always wondered how the balls travel from the pockets to the table opening, this picture will change your life. It turns out there are hidden tunnels that connect the pockets to the table opening allowing us to retrieve the cue balls at any point.

The Inside Of A Cluster Bomb.

The inside of a cluster bomb. 40
Sometimes, even when we're able to see the inside of an object, we might not be able to understand how it works. In this case, these small blue balls are submunitions that are dropped when the cluster bomb reaches a certain altitude.

The Inside Of A Meteorite.

The inside of a meteorite. 41
How beautiful are these patterns etched on the inside of this meteorite? Found in 1976, the Alvord meteorite is an iron octahedrite specimen weighing 38.5 lbs. Once cracked open, it displayed this gorgeous pattern commonly referred to as Widmanstätten Pattern.

This Is What A Featherless Owl Looks Like.

This is what a featherless owl looks like. 42
We don't know about you, but we definitely had never thought about what owls looked like beneath their feathers. Looking at this picture, we kind of wish we had remained ignorant. How is it possible that such cute animals could look so strange without their feathers?!

Cross Section Of An Undersea Cable.

Cross-section of an undersea cable. 43
There's a lot to unpack here. First of all, if you've never heard of undersea cables, submarine communications cables like this one carry telecommunication signals across the ocean. They are laid on the seabed between land-based stations and carry digital data.

The Inside Of A Redbox Kiosk.

The inside of a Redbox kiosk. 44
Founded in 2002, Redbox still operates over 40,000 kiosks across the United States. Whether you are still a fan of the DVD-rental system or prefer streaming movies online, you have probably wondered how these kiosks worked – and now you know.

Inside Of A Street Sweeper.

Inside of a street sweeper. 45
This is the kind of thing we never knew we needed to see until we saw it. Street sweepers do such a good job at keeping our cities clean that we sometimes, unfortunately, take them for granted – but it's when we look at pictures like this that are reminded of how important they are.

Tortoises Are Actually Hollow Inside.

Tortoises are actually hollow inside. 46
Maybe it's just us, but we always thought that turtles and tortoises lived inside their shells. It turns out they are their shells! We are sure that now that you've seen what a tortoise's skeleton looks like, you'll never forget it – or at least we know we won't.

The Inside Of A Keurig Cup.

The inside of a Keurig cup. 47
Although this is pretty much what we expected the inside of a Keurig cup to look like, we still find this picture very interesting… Maybe it's the fact that there's less coffee than we would expect inside the pod or maybe it's just how cute the tiny coffee filter looks…

€"Took Apart An Old Pinball Machine And Inside There's A Counter For The Number Of Times It's Been Played."

Took apart an old pinball machine and inside there's a counter for the number of times it's been played. 48
This picture is making us wonder if every machine at the arcade has a counter for how many times they've been played. While we're not sure of the actual purpose of this device, we would love to find out which games have been played the most and which ones are people's least favorites.

Inside An Elephant's Mouth.

Inside an elephant's mouth. 49
This is equally scary and fascinating. Considering how big elephants are, it makes sense that their teeth would also be huge – but they're still a little intimidating. If you were wondering how many teeth they have, the answer is 26.

This Is What The Inside Of A Dry Pipe Fire Hydrant Looks Like.

This is what the inside of a dry pipe fire hydrant looks like. 50
Well, this is pretty much what we expected the inside of a fire hydrant to look like. If you were wondering what's the difference between a dry and wet fire hydrant, it depends on whether the barrel of the hydrant holds water or not after being used.

The Inside Of The Original Macintosh Was Signed By All Its Creators.

The inside of the original Macintosh was signed by all its creators. 51
Apparently, the original Macintosh team believed that their product was a work of art – and, as artists, they should sign their masterpiece. For this reason, the signatures of Steven Jobs and the rest of the historic team are inscribed inside the rear panel case mold for the 128k, 512k and Mac Plus models.

Overblown White Water Lily Cut In Half.

Overblown white water lily cut in half. 52
This is what the inside of a European white water lily looks like. The person who shared this photo explained that their water lilies usually bloom for three days, so after the third day of blooming, they picked one and cut it in half to see what was inside.

The Inside Of A Hala Fruit.

The inside of a hala fruit. 53
If you have never seen or heard about a hala fruit, let us introduce it to you. This fruit comes from a tree called Pandanus tectorius, but commonly known as hala tree, which is native to Malesia, eastern Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

Inside Of A Human Head.

Inside of a human head. 54
Obviously, this is not a real head cut in half. But this anatomical model does a great job at showing what our heads look like inside. In fact, it's starting to creep us out a little bit. How can doctors and nurses feel so calm looking at these things?!

Inside A Pair Of Binoculars.

Inside a pair of binoculars. 55
How cool is this?! Unless you were a very curious kid or use binoculars at work, you've probably never taken apart a pair of binoculars before – or at least we know we haven't. This is so interesting we can't stop looking at this picture.

Inside A Saguaro Cactus.

Inside a Saguaro cactus. 56
This is one of those things we didn't know we needed to see until we saw them. Commonly seen in American Southwest movies and Mexican culture, Saguaro cacti have a long lifespan, usually exceeding 150 years, and can grow to be over 40 feet tall.

Inside Of The Back Of A TV Satellite Truck.

Inside of the back of a TV satellite truck. 57
Ever wondered how satellite trucks work? Used for remote television broadcasts, these trucks have a large satellite dish antenna pointed at a communications satellite. This is how they send video signals back to studios for editing and broadcast.

Some Snap Bracelets Are Made With Recycled Measuring Tapes.

Some snap bracelets are made with recycled measuring tapes. 58
It turns out some snap bracelets are made of old measuring tapes. Thankfully though, that's not how all of them are manufactured. Most snap bracelets are actually made with thicker steel in order to prevent cuts.

Inside The International Space Station.

Inside the International Space Station. 59
You probably know that the International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. But have you ever wondered what it looks like inside? Well, we don't know what we're looking at exactly, but it's here it is.

Cross Section Of Our Painter's 1 Year Old Stir Stick.

Cross-section of our painter's 1-year-old stir stick. 60
Being a professional painter means spending a lot of time mixing colors. After one year of using the same stir stick, this person decided to cut it in half to analyze all the layers of paint around it – and we are glad they did. It looks awesome.

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