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20 Simple Micro Habits That Will Better Your Life

January 23, 2022

Are you sick of life hack lists that are unrealistic for the majority of people. Even worse is when someone suggests to wake up at 5 am or run 10 kilometers every day and calls it a micro-habit.

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This is not one of those lists.

Each micro-habit here takes one minute at most each day or uses a task most people do anyway. None of them will transform or revolutionize your life but they can help you live a little bit better every day and this adds up over time.

These methods draw on the research by BJ Fogg in “Tiny Habits” and the Japanese concept of kaizen. When each task is so small it’s hard to skip it so there’s no need for willpower. The beauty of this is after some time it becomes a natural part of your daily routine so you’re acting in your best interests without even realizing it!

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