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36 Amazon Prime Perks You Are Probably Not Using But You Should

January 23, 2022
Free Same-Day Delivery 2
Free Same-Day Delivery

What attracted most of us to purchase an Amazon Prime membership in the past has quickly evolved. Way back when, we used to just get two-day shipping with our memberships, but nowadays the list of perks the $119 can get you seems endless. It's not endless, but it's quite long.

Are you taking advantage of everything Amazon has to offer? You might think so, but you may have forgotten or even straight-up ignored some of the benefits. If 2020 has taught us how to be frugal with our money, 2021 should teach us all about taking advantage of what we're paying for to the fullest!

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Free Same Day Delivery

Free Same-Day Delivery 2
Free Same-Day Delivery

When Amazon Prime launched in 2005, two-day shipping was all the rage. Now, the online retailer seeks to get products to customers as fast as possible by opening up new distribution centers.

If you live in a major metropolitan area or one of the 10,000 eligible cities and towns, you could opt for free same-day shipping. First, you have to check if your ZIP code applies. If it does but you haven't seen this option during the checkout process, it means you have to start ordering stuff sooner. By ‘sooner' we mean by noon. Doing so would open the option for free same-day shipping, and Amazon will deliver your package by 9 P.M., even on Sundays.

The catch is that your order must total $35 or more, and not all items are eligible. Only about 3 million items are. If, however, you're below that $35 line, you'll have to pay an additional $3 for this perk. Non-prime members have to pay up a whopping $12.99 for this perk per item!

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