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Cameramen That Captured More Than Expected

December 9, 2022

Sometimes the person behind the camera has no idea they are about to capture perfectly timed events that will shock you. 

It is so hard to believe these perfectly timed photos are real but we assure you they are.

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Really Hungry

Really Hungry 1
Really Hungry

Bet anything that is not how she eats on her first date.

The Headless Gymnast

The Headless Gymnast 2
This image is a perfect shot taken at some gymnastic competition and the participant seems to be really talented. The photographer has captured her in the perfect moment when she leaped in the air and kept her head low so that it looks like she is a bird flying in the sky. That’s quite limber.

Marking His Territory

Marking His Territory 3
Dogs are very possessive and territorial in nature. If you are now wondering how they do that, then see the picture closely and notice the dog’s position, and that is exactly how they do it. This girl seems to be sunbathing in the park, and we wonder what would have happened when she must have opened her eyes and found a dog on/over her head. We just hope she reacted before it was tooooooo late.

All Is Fair In Love And War

All is Fair in Love and War 4
This photo or image looks like it’s taken at some wrestling competition. The two girls in black seem to be very much involved in some topic of conversation. They are so involved that none of them notices that their competitor is going to land on one of them in just a few seconds. We think that this should have been against the rules, but maybe this competition was different!

Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction 5
Many tourist attraction sights are famous for the friendly animals who are very much part of the place. This monkey seems really comfortable with humans as it is sitting beside a woman eating a fruit. However, it looks like the monkey is more interested in something else than the fruit in its hands. If we take into consideration the interesting look in the eyes of that monkey, we may guess that the monkey is a male!

Wrong Timing Skating

Wrong Timing Skating 6
This image captures a couple who is figure skating. The image is quite innocent except for the position of the woman. The expressions of the woman suggest that she is not happy with her partner at the moment. Maybe she got “wind” of something due to her position at the backside of her partner!

Talk About Kissing A$$

Talk About Kissing A$$ 7
The photographer has really captured a funny and hilarious image. This seems to be a yoga class and the students are completely engrossed in all the exercises, but it sure created a much-unexpected picture. It looks like the head of the man is missing when actually it is just hidden due to the woman in front of him.

Looks Like She Had One Too Many Last Night

Looks Like She Had One Too Many Last Night 9
This photo is really hilarious as the water fountain is completely hidden behind the girl who is exercising on the lawn near the fountain. So the image captured by the photographer gives a very naughty and hilarious meaning to the whole scenario.

This Perfectly Timed Oops Will Not End Well

This Perfectly Timed Oops Will Not End Well 10
It seems that this girl really wanted to have an awesome photo and therefore she gave a nice pose too. However, you cannot stop accidents from happening. It looks like her photo is ruined by her own soft drink.

Halloween Date Night

Halloween Date Night 11
Halloween Date Night
The image looks like it was taken on Halloween when there was someone dressed for the Halloween parade. Let’s just hope that it was a just a costume and not a man wearing the costume or else the girl would have been really embarrassed after posing as she did!

Found The Real Aquaman

Found The Real Aquaman 12
This image looks like that it ruined the grand entry of a new super hero, The Fishman!! Due to the perfect timing of the photo, it feels like the hand is attached to the body of the fish in the foreground of the photo. However, people may get a shock if they saw this image out of the blue.

Mutant Baby

Mutant Baby 13
This photo is really a very cute photo for which the mom has very cleverly posed. The mom of the cute baby had hidden her upper body behind a cushion so it looks like the baby has really long legs and a very pretty angelic face!

Hey What's Up

Hey What's Up 14
Even the Animals Love a Good Photo Bomb, this Stingray could not help but take the perfect opportunity for a photobomb.

Bubble Dog

Bubble Dog 15
This Freeze-frame Trapped My Dog In A Bubble

Flying In Formation

Flying In Formation 16
They always told Stan he could never do it, they were wrong.

Flying Dutchmen

Flying Dutchmen 17
This Picture Of Sutro Tower In San Francisco Makes It Look Like The Top Of The Flying Dutchman'

Deer, Dog Or Demon?

Deer, Dog or Demon? 18
Deer, Dog or Demon?
Look around carefully - I think the Grinch is hiding somewhere nearby...

How Fast Was That Coaster Going

How Fast Was That Coaster Going 19
The Contrail Makes It Look Like The Roller Coaster Launched Off Into Space

Is That What I Think It Is?

Is That What I Think It Is? 20
There's Really Nothing Quite So Sweet As Tiny Little Baby Feet

Finish Him

Finish Him 21
Google Images
This guy is going to avoid a world of hurt from a flying goat. 

Is That A Parsnip In Your Pocket?

Is That a Parsnip In Your Pocket? 22
Google Images
My Parsnip - I Just Couldn't Eat It - I Left It To Shrivel And Dry Up... !!

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