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Caught On Camera Demonstrating Pure Jealousy

May 28, 2024
Jealousy is a natural emotion, and although we all like to think we never get jealous, we’re only kidding ourselves
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A New Puppy In The House

A new puppy in the house 1
A new puppy in the house

Dogs and cats don't always get along, we all know that. Those of us who own a pet know that cats are mostly afraid of dogs, and dogs are usually aggressive towards cats. However, in some rare cases, they manage to live under the same roof and get along pretty well. This isn't one of those rare cases.

Our First And Last Fishing Trip

Our first and last fishing trip 2
Our first and last fishing trip

Fishing, like any other sport and pastime, is something we do for fun. However, it's not much fun when you catch nothing, while your friend brings home a giant catch. These brothers decided they could use some quality time together, and what's a better way to spend the day than a fishing trip?

Better Luck Next Time

Better luck next time 3
Better luck next time

every sports fan in the world is probably familiar with the DjokovicMurray rivalry, the age-old rivalry between professional tennis players Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Andy Murray of the United Kingdom. The two tennis players are of the same age and started their career together in training camp. Since then, they have met 36 on the tennis court, and each time someone else ends up winning the game.

Tossed Aside

Tossed aside 4
Tossed aside

This mother brought home a new, smaller, fluffier pet, and immediately all the attention was around him. Unlike cats, who try to play it cool and seem independent, dogs have no shame letting us know they love us and need our attention. Dogs are always there for us, they can be counted on, and all they expect in return is our unconditional love and affection.

It's A Girl!

It's a girl! 5
It's a girl!

When a baby brother is born, it's hard for kids to accept that they won't be the center of attention anymore and that they'd have to share everything they have (including their parents' attention) with someone else. Although they don't necessarily acknowledge it, all kids are secretly jealous when the family welcomes a new baby to the world.

What's Happening Here?

What's happening here? 6
What's happening here?

We didn't know jealousy can appear at such a young age, but apparently the green monster is inside us from the minute we are born into this world. It seems like this baby isn't thrilled about his parents loving each other, as he was under the impression he should be the only get getting hugs and kisses around the house.

Not On My Watch

Not on my watch 7
Not on my watch

We all get insecure every now and then, even those of us who seem like they have it all figured out. We might get insecure about our appearance, our achievements or our skills, and we need to practice self-love and self-care. Until that happens, all this woman can do is cover her boyfriend's eyes when a pretty girl walking by, until she works out her insecurities.

Ski Buddies

Ski buddies 8
Ski buddies

Dogs are social animals, and loyalty is a top value for them. They have their ‘pack,' and the alpha dog whom they follow which is usually their owner or the head of the family, in case they have more than one owner. As social animals, they respect and appreciate the relationship with their owners and their place in the pack, and they get very attached to us humans (as we do to them).

They're Worried About Her

They're worried about her 9
They're worried about her

Some people don't like to have all eyes on them, while others will do anything to stand out in a crowd. That's why we sometimes dress in provocative or otherwise eye-catching ways. This girl wasn't trying to get everyone's attention, but you can't really blame people for looking when it's the middle of winter and she's dressed in a tank top.

Gym Buddies

Gym buddies 10
Gym buddies

While the gym is a great place to develop a regular fitness routine, and it has a lot of advantages, such as the professional instructors, the varied utilities, and the air conditioning on hot days, it's not for everyone. We all get insecure about our bodies, especially when we're only at the beginning of our training journey, and the gym can be a rather intimidating place.

Young Love

Young love 11
Young love

High school can be a hard time for many of us for different reasons, but the main one must be our love life and growing confusion surrounding it. It seems like this young man just spotted his high school crush kissing another guy, and his expression seems to be a mixture of disappointment, sadness, jealousy, and a little bit of disgust.

I'll Have One, Please

I'll have one, please 12
I'll have one, please

Hedgehogs are sweet creatures by all opinions, but they are an unusual pet nonetheless, what with their spikes and hard exterior' it seems like petting them isn't as fun as petting a furry dog. Then again, people have fish and snakes as pets, so on second thought, hedgehogs might not be that weird a choice.

Did Someone Say Group Hug?

Did someone say group hug? 13
Did someone say group hug?

Dogs might have a hard time with their owners bringing in new people to the house their house and it might take them some time to get the know and like these new people. At first, they can be very aggressive towards strangers even the small and seemingly harmless dogs.

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield 14
Jayne Mansfield

American actress Jayne Mansfield was well known during the fifties and sixties not only for her acting skills but also for her good looks. Similarly to Marilyn Monroe, Mansfield was known as an eye-candy and a fashion icon at the time. However, not everyone was a fan of her sense of fashion and revealing wardrobe.

Wait For Me

Wait for me 15
Wait for me

Almost always, in every group of three friends, there's a third wheel, and it's pretty clear who plays that role in this friendship. These girls were getting ready for prom, all jolly and excited for the big day, and while the third girl was finishing her makeup, her two friends were already outside posing for the eternal prom photos.

Would You Look At That

Would you look at that 16
Would you look at that

They'll tell you there are no sore feelings between friends, but that's not true most of the time, this kind of sore feelings of envy get even worse between close friends. This photo was taken during the Grammy Awards of 2013, when Ellen DeGeneres was caught on camera shamelessly peeping at Katy Perry's shameless cleavage.

But We Came Here Together

But we came here together 17
But we came here together

These two friends went on their annual trip to Comic-Con, but it seems like this year one of them left alone, while the other one was leaving with a date. Okay, we don't know that for sure, but we do know a look of jealousy when we see one. Judging by the look on this face, this guy doesn't seem to be too supportive of his friend.

Those Eyes

Those eyes 18
Those eyes

By all opinions, Leonardo DiCaprio is among the most talented actors Hollywood has seen, and it's not for naught that he won seven Academy Awards nominations. However, until he finally won the prestigious award in 2016 for his performance in The Revenant, he had to sit there in the crowd every year as they read out the winner's name, only to lose to his colleagues every time.

Celebrities Get Jealous Too

Celebrities get jealous too 19
Celebrities get jealous too

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one of the most accomplished and beloved figures in Hollywood; her impressive career walks before her, and her good looks have awarded her many titles throughout the years, such as 'the most beautiful woman in the world.' Although it seems as if the acclaimed actress has nothing to be insecure about, we all have our moments of weakness.

Beach, Please

Beach, please 20
Beach, please

We almost can't believe this moment was caught on camera; perhaps someone witnessed the moment and new they had to commemorate it, and now, thanks to them, we have a photo that perfectly illustrates what jealousy looks like. These men weren't even trying to hide their envy, and their gaping stares say it all.

Friend Zone Alert

Friend zone alert 21
Friend zone alert

You can't argue with the look on this guy's face, who isn't even trying to hide his disappointment, and we can't blame him for how he feels who wouldn't feel jealous in such a humiliating situation? He probably came to this party hoping tonight would finally be the night he could tell the girl of his dreams how he feels, and then she kisses another guy while sitting on his shoulders no less!

That Could've Been Me

That could've been me 22
That could've been me

This girl is definitely staring at her friend with an envious look, and it seems like she's thinking, 'this could've been me why didn't I wear a tank top?' That's one way to get attention, but it's not necessarily the kind of attention you want. We're wondering if the girl next to her feels at all uncomfortable with the way her friend is so blatantly staring at her.

Royal Jealousy

Royal jealousy 23
Royal jealousy

It's no secret that there's a lot of jealousy and drama in the Royal Family. We can only imagine that being a royal, having so many public duties, and having paparazzi on you constantly takes its toll on you. Although the members of the royal family always keep their appearances high and honorable, they have their glitches as well.

Under My Umbrella

Under my umbrella 24
Under my umbrella

We all have different bodies, different shapes and sizes, and different colors, and we're all beautiful in our own unique way. However, we tend to want what we don't have, and this rule doesn't pass over celebrities. While Rihanna clearly has nothing to be ashamed of, as she's one of the most successful singers in the world, she was caught in a moment of jealousy, proving celebrities are human just like us.

I've Made The Wrong Choice

I've made the wrong choice 25
I've made the wrong choice

As children, there's almost nothing we liked more during the hot months of summer than hearing the tune of the ice cream truck, signaling its approach. One of the hardest decisions back then before we had to grow up and make grown-up decisions was choosing the flavor of ice cream. If you think about it, really the only problem is that there are too many options.

The Supportive Friend

The supportive friend 26
The supportive friend

Fifth Harmony was an American girl band that materialized on the successful reality show The X Factor. Camila Cabello was arguably the star of the band, and it seems like the fame had gone up to her head, as she didn't like it whenever another member of the band seemed to be the center of attention.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

You've got to be kidding me 27
You've got to be kidding me

The kid in this photo isn't just extremely jealous of this dessert, but he's also shocked by it, and how could he not be? This must be the biggest ice cream cone we've ever seen, and it doesn't seem like it's meant to be devoured by only one person, but an entire family. We've said that life is unfair, but this father not sharing this dessert isn't just unfair, but plain cruelty.

An Ice Cream A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away 28
An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away

As children, our parents buying us ice cream was one of the biggest treats we could dream of, so we can all relate with this little boy and his desperation. It seems rather inconsiderate that the girls had to sit by the window to enjoy their ice cream, but it probably wasn't intentional, and they must be unaware of how jealous this young boy is.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday 29
Happy birthday

As we get older, we care less and less for our birthday, and we reach a certain age when we don't even want to celebrate it anymore. However, as children, celebrating our birthday is a big deal; we look forward to getting presents, balloons, a party that's thrown just for us, and the cherry on top our special birthday cake.

Mylo Doesn't Share Food

Mylo doesn't share food 30
Mylo doesn't share food

As Friends fans know, Joey doesn't share food, and he isn't the only one. If there's one thing people enjoy more than looking at photos of cats online, it's posting photos of their own cats. This photo perfectly illustrates Mylo's feelings towards his feline friend who shares his house and seems to be eating all his food.

Congratulations Or Whatever

Congratulations or whatever 31
Congratulations or whatever

No matter how you look at it, beauty pageants are meant to be competitive it is a competition, after all, where the contestants are measured by their physical appearance, special skills and personality. If people have a hard time losing at a friendly board game with the family, imagine what it must be like losing at a contest you've been working so hard for.

I'll Have What He's Having

I'll have what he's having 32
I'll have what he's having

Whether you're an ultimate chocolate-monster, a fan of cheesecakes, or a fruit person, no one can resist a good tiramisu it's no wonder this woman is looking at it with such intensity. You might be wondering why not get a cake of her own, since it seems like no diet is worth this look, and we're thinking the same thing.

When Family Doesn't Come First

When family doesn't come first 33
When family doesn't come first

To us, this baby seems incredibly cute and innocent, but for her older sister, she might seem like the enemy. This adorable family photo portrays the rivalry between siblings, that's always there, no matter how much we try and deny it. While siblings love each other unconditionally, they also secretly envy each other.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me 34
Happy birthday to me

As we get older, our birthday becomes something we resent; after the age of thirty, growing older becomes a scary thing, and we avoid thinking about it. However, as kids, there's almost nothing we like more than our birthday the presents, the cakes, and the constant attention is all kids ever wish for.

Sneaking A Peek

Sneaking A Peek 35
Sneaking A Peek

In the context of a classroom, when a student is sneaking a peek at the desk next to them, they're usually trying to read their answers to an exam, or something like that - but not in this case.

Just Look At Those Eyes

Just look at those eyes 36
Just look at those eyes

They always say we want what we don't have - for instance, women with straight hair will long for curls, while women with curls will envy those with straight hair.

Mylo Doesn't Share Food

Mylo doesn't share food 37
Mylo doesn't share food

As Friends fans know, Joey doesn't share food, and he isn't the only one. If there's one thing people enjoy more than looking at photos of cats online, it's posting photos of their own cats. This photo perfectly illustrates Mylo's feelings towards his feline friend who shares his house and seems to be eating all his food.

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