Creepy Photos Reveal A Different Side History

Entertainment Friday, February 26th 2021

A field of spider webs in Australia.

In the Australian countryside, a phenomenon known as "spider rain" has been taking place for quite some time. The first recorded event was back in 1914, and was originally known as "angel hair" and was believed to be connected to aliens or beings from mythology.

Retiree Keith Basterfield of South Australia has been studying this bizarre event for over 15-years and has noted that spider rain happens in May or August, on clear, slightly windy days just after heavy rainfall. It's caused by baby spiders migrating for food…. So basically, when all the mosquitoes show up after a heavy rain, these little guys want to crash their party and gobble them all up.

As Basterfield explains it, "They throw out a protein-based thread of spider's web from their body, they extend it into the air, the wind catches it and they take off and use it as a parachute."

Basterfield added, "The web, as a protein-based thread just dissolves over time, over the next day or so. The next morning you will go out and see absolutely nothing."

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