Creepy Photos Reveal A Different Side History

Entertainment Friday, February 26th 2021

Brains for sale in St. Louis, 1978.

Check it out, it's brains for sale in St. Louis back in 1978! No, Hannibal Lecture didn't open up a deli, settle down. Though eating animal brains is actually common for some cultures. Cow, or "beef brain" and veal are used in cuisines from Italy, France, Spain, El Salvador, and Mexico (to name a few).

This particular photo became popular because it was used on the cover of the 1991 album, Where in the World?– It is the third album by Bill Frisell to be released on the Elektra Nonesuch label. It features performances by Frisell, Hank Roberts, Kermit Driscoll and Joey Baron.

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