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Ever Wonder Who That Att Girl Is

January 23, 2022

Anyone who has seen a commercial for AT&T in the past few years may know Lily Adams, the brand's spokeswoman character with a bubbly personality and peppy attitude who is always donning her famous blue button down.

But, many people don't know the girl behind the character, how she rose to prominence in the acting field, or what she has been doing since becoming a well recognized face across the world. She has used the character's popularity for good, even though being so famous often comes with some unforeseen consequences…

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Her Name Isn't Lily It's Milana Vayntrub

Her Name Isn't Lily it's Milana Vayntrub 1

The biggest scoop is that the real name of the actress who portrays Lily Adams in advertisements is Milana Vayntrub. She got her start acting when she was just a child, after her family moved to America to flee a dangerous situation in the country where she was born. Luckily, they arrived safely in California and started their new lives.

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