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Famous Gay Men Who Married Women

February 2, 2023

A lot of famous gay men married women before coming out as gay; others married women because they couldn’t live the “gay lifestyle.” Here’s a list that might reveal to you that some of your favorite movie stars or musicians were gay. You probably never wondered about their sexual orientation because of their marriages to the opposite sex.

15. Alan Cumming

Actor, singer, author, activist and talent guru, Alan Cumming, was married to Hillary Lyon for eight years before they divorced. He has since dated both men and women, but is now married to illustrator Grant Schaffer.

14. Little Richard

Little Richard, dynamic musical figure, married Ernestine Campbell in 1959 and divorced in 1963. Richard said the marriage fell apart because of his sexuality.

13. Elton John

Elton John married Renate Blauel because, people say, he was trying to cover up his homosexuality. After their divorce, however, he came out as being comfortably gay. With all of his eccentric performances and personality, it really wasn’t a shock, was it?

12. Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, famous classic author, was imprisoned for sodomy (which was illegal at the time). Before this, he was married, then divorced, and had two sons with Constance Lloyd.

11. Peter Marc Jacobson

Co creator of The Nanny, and husband to the show’s leading star Fran Drescher, Peter Marc Jacobson divorced her and came out as gay in 1999 after a marriage of 21 years.

10. Peter Allen

Australian singer and song-writer Peter Allen married Liza Minelli and stayed with her for seven years until their divorce and he came out as gay.

9. Freddie Mercury

Eccentric songwriter and lead singer of classic rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury has a long marriage with Mary Austen. The couple divorced once Mercury was open about his sexuality and his affair with a man.

8. Lance Bass

N’Sync boy toy Lance Bass dated Topanga, from Boy Meets World, for only a year until he ended the relationship. After being sighted at gay bars and night clubs there was speculation of his sexual orientation; Finally in 2006 he proudly came out as gay and stated that he was “just happy.”

7. Ricky Martin

Handsome Spanish singer and star of General Hospital, Ricky Martin, was with one woman for more than 14 years until they split. For years after, he was in the closet about his sexuality, until he posted on his website that he was a “fortunate homosexual man.” He is now loud and proud about his sexuality while engaged with painter Jwan Yosef.

6. Vincente Minelli

Film director and husband of the famous Judy Garland (Dorothy of Wizard of Oz), Vincente Minelli only married women, and was married to one until his death. There were speculations from people, and even a biographical movie of his life that declared he lived as a homosexual man in New York until he moved to Los Angeles where he was pushed back into the closet.

5. Bryan Lourd

This blue-eyed American talent agent, Bryan Lourd, dated Carrie Fischer (who wouldn’t want to date Princess Leia?) and had a child together. He is now married to Bruce Bozzi.

4. Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight, former boy band New Kids on the Block member, has now married his long-time lover Harley Rodriguez. Knight hasn’t always swooned over men, though; He has formerly dated women and was even married to Maura West. He was outed by an ex boy toy who wrote an article for the National Enquirer.

3. Rock Hudson

Swoon-worthy hollywood actor Rock Hudson kept his homosexual lifestyle in the shadows for as long as he could. There were publications threatening to out him, but he kept this at bay for as long as he could. It was thought that he married Phyllis Gate as a way to hide this outing, but she declared that it was out of love. Later, she said that she knew of his homosexuality.

2. Richard Cromwell

35-year-old actor Richard Cromwell married 19-year-old Angela Lansbury for only a year. They remained friends until his death, but interviews with Lansbury revealed that he was gay.

1. Anthony Perkins

Mysteriously psychotic momma’s boy Norman Bates (actually Anthony Perkins) did the opposite of most of the men on this list- he was openly homosexual for the first decades of his life and then he married a woman. When he was 41 he married Berry Berenson and stayed together until his death.

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