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What Is Going On In Donald Trumps Marriage

May 17, 2022
Donald Trump's marriage to Melania Knavs, a Slovenian-born former model, was the subject of public scrutiny long before he moved into the White House. The power couple has dealt with everything from public lawsuits to accusations of gold digging and infidelity. When "The Donald" finally pulled the trigger on his oft-discussed presidential run, the spotlight on their relationship intensified. 

Even body language experts have weighed in with interpretations of how the subconscious physical cues of the POTUS and the first lady give us hints about their romance (but more on that in a moment.)  

Only time will tell if Donald and Melania's marriage can withstand such public scrutiny, but let's take a closer look at what's really going on. 
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Not Now, Donald!

Not now, Donald! 1
Not now, Donald!

In May 2017, President Donald Trump embarked on his first foreign visit since taking office, and the trip produced so many viral moments, social media could barely keep up. There was the much-memed glowing orb, the questionable bow, and an awkward sword dance, but none of those moments come close to "the swat" seen 'round the world.

Upon arriving direct from Saudi Arabia to Israel, President Trump attempted to take the first lady's hand while they were walking down the tarmac. Melania Trump clearly swatted away the president's paw, apparently unaware of the approximately 10 million cameras pointed in her general direction. Oof.

The Daily Beast reminded us that Melania also refused to hold Trump's hand when they arrived in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration. Is she trying to tell us something, or is she just not into middle-school PDA?

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