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Photos That Will Make You Take A Second Look

December 9, 2022
Un Believable Photos That Are - Out of the Ordinary

There are certain images on the internet that seem normal when you first glance at them – but if you look closer, you realize that there’s more than meets the eye. Whether it’s a small detail or something that changes your perception completely, these 50+ photos all have a little surprise that’s waiting to be discovered.
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Sexy Selfie Overshadowed By Her Demon Dog

Sexy Selfie - Demon Dog 2
A Beautiful Building Plan

In an era of a constant stream of selfies this sexy photo taker neglected to check her background surroundings.

Now that you have seen it, would you risk this demon dog dragging you down to hell for a shot at the girl in the photo?

Tarantula Terror Hair

Tarantula Terror 1
Tarantula Terror

In this image, we see a woman who seems fairly relaxed and happy. She seems to have caught the attention of the spectators in the background - and they all seem quite amused.

You can see why their reactions are so surprising when you look closer. What might blend into her hair for a moment is actually something that would make most people panic if they found it in their hair: a tarantula! This brave soul doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the arachnid that’s accompanying her.

Always Check Your Group Shot Members

Always Check Your Group Shot Members
Naked Shower

This team really should have checked all members of the team before snapping this group selfie.

You have to look at this photo really carefully, once you see it you cannot unsee it.

A Beautiful Cookie Cutter Building Plan

A Beautiful Building Plan 2
A Beautiful Building Plan

Based on first glance alone, this image looks like it must be fake. Perhaps it's a neighborhood me out of simple Lego blocks or a computer-generated model for the design of an upcoming neighborhood.

In fact, this is actually a real neighborhood that people live in today. Specifically, it's a neighborhood in Mexico called the san Buenaventura Complex. The similar structure and the choice in color for each of these houses make them look similar and oddly shed.

Just Another Brick In The Wall

Another Brick In the Wall 3
Another Brick In the Wall

Another Brick In the Wall

There’s nothing too interesting about this brick wall if you just give it a cursory glance. Yet, if you look a little closer, you’ll realize that the wall is a little unconventional.

While the pattern of the bricks has a standard design, the material is what catches the eye. One of the bricks is actually a wooden block. Why replace a strong brick with an arguably weaker wooden block? That’s one of the questions that make this photo so interesting.

Oblivious Bride and Groom

Hidden Messages 4
Hidden Messages

Weddings are a beautiful time for the bride, the groom, and their families. Photographers are responsible for catching each magical moment for families to look back on fondly.

If you look a little closer, the groom decided to d some humor to the ceremony by painting “help” on the bottom of his shoes, which is visible when he and the bride kneel at the altar. While it does make for an odd and unique photo, hopefully his wife shares his sense of humor when she looks at their wedding album.

Read Between The Vases

Between the Vases 5
Between the Vases

Pottery is an amazing craft. If you’ve ever watched a skilled person use a pottery wheel, you know how deftly they work to create a distinct design from a mound of clay.

The vases themselves, however, aren’t the focus of this picture. While each one of these vases is beautifully crafted, it’s the image they create when placed side by side that’s really eye-catching. If you focus on the gaps between the vases, you can see the silhouette of a woman standing between each pair.

A Puzzling Situation

A Puzzling Situation 6
A Puzzling Situation

When this Reddit user showed off the puzzle they were working on, it was easy to miss the problem. Without any more information, it just looks like the puzzle has two similar pieces.

The user clarified that this wasn’t the case. It’s actually two identical pieces in one puzzle. For them, it just meant having an extra copy of a piece. However, it might mean that another person working on the same puzzle is missing the last piece they need.

When Your All Thumbs

Less Than Opposable 7
Less Than Opposable

There are certain things we see every day that we don’t necessarily think about. For example, you probably don’t give the creases on your hands a second thought.

This Reddit user shared his own unique trait by showing off an image of his thumb which he explained couldn’t fully bend. As such, he never developed the wrinkles on his knuckle that most of us develop from repeated use.

Always Check Your Selfie Backgrounds

Remember to Check Your Backgrounds 8
Remember to Check Your Backgrounds

Even the best photo can be ruined by the worst background. After all, you don’t want the focus pulled away from the main subject toward the drama happening behind it.

In this photo, the woman just wanted to show off her new tattoo, and she did a good job of capturing her best angles while she was at it. Unfortunately, her golden retriever decided to grab a drink from the toilet right as she was snapping her selfie.

How Did This Toy Pass Quality Control?

Should That Be There? 9
Should That Be There?

A toy cash register is a common sight in many young children’s toy boxes. After all, it is a classic choice - pretending to work in a grocery store or restaurant is something almost every kid has done.

However, this normal-looking cash register features something questionable for the age range it’s intended for. Near the top of the toy, there are a variety of fake buttons for common items like apples, fish, butter, and… alcoholic beverages? We’re sure that there were some unhappy parents when they noticed this.


Cosplay Gone Wrong

There’s a certain accuracy you look for when someone puts on a costume. Mostly, you’re looking to see if you know what they’re dressed up as. Whether it’s an Avenger, a celebrity, or a historic icon, the best part of a costume is how closely it resembles the real deal.

This photo fails miserably. This guy has all the Homer Simpson basics down pat. Yellow skin? Check. White shirt? Check. Dark beard shadow? Check. But, somehow, this looks more creepy than a lovable Rufus. Homer Simpson this is not.

How Fast Was He Running?

How fast
How Fast Was He Going?

This dog might just be Clark Kent’s long lost pet from Krypton. He flew through the cosmos, slammed into our atmosphere, and skidded to a halt — unharmed — on the asphalt.

Someone get him a cape, a letter “S,” and set him up a doggy bed in the Fortress of Solitude. This dog must be made of steel, because he looks peaceful as heck nestled in his little nook.

Hidden In The Racks

Fashion Fascination 10
Fashion Fascination

This image seems rather dull at first. Without any closer inspection, it appears to be a rack of plain t-shirts that you might see at any department store.

If you want to see what makes this photo stand out, look closer at the sleeves on the red t-shirts near the center of the image. From this angle, you can clearly make out what looks like a face complete with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and even a defined jawline.


Grilled...Cake? 11

At first glance, this picture looks like a tasty plate of grilled cheese. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that this isn’t quite the case.

This is actually an image of an artfully crafted cake that just looks like grilled cheese. Everything from the bread to the oozing “cheese” is carefully baked and decorated to look like the real thing. Honestly, the only aspect of this image that really gives it away is the cake box it comes in.

Elephant Ears Or Are They?

Elephant Ears 12
Elephant Ears

This beautiful shot shows one of Mother Nature’s smartest creatures. Elephants have many human-like traits, and live together in complex family structures.

This elephant shares more with humans than just a few common behaviors. If you look at his ear, it almost looks like the profile of a human face. In dition to the overall shape of the ear, the wrinkles on the elephant’s skin contribute to creating the shape of a human eye and ear to complete the illusion.

Real Life Waldo Has Been Found!

There's Waldo! 13
There's Waldo!

Moving on to another wedding, this image shows a wedding party posing outdoors on the couple’s special day. Everyone is perfectly posed, smiling, and dressed impeccably.

If you look a little closer, this becomes a “Where’s Waldo?” image. Behind the tree on the right side of the frame, there’s a man dressed in a familiar striped shirt and hat. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive photobomb. He planted himself in the background at just the right moment when the photo was being snapped.

One Clove To Rule Them All

A Garlic Surprise 14
A Garlic Surprise

Garlic is a common ingredient that many people use on everything from chicken to pasta. Fresh garlic is the best way to achieve a potent flavor. But when this person peeled their garlic for dinner, they got quite a surprise.

Instead of breaking into separate cloves, this garlic bulb remained intact. Aside from its unusual appearance, there was nothing wrong with it - so this person was still able to cook a delicious meal with the solid bulb of garlic.

To Tree Or Not To Tree

Larger Than Life 15
Larger Than Life

In passing, this looks like a photo of a tree. Granted, it would still be an impressive tree that h probably been alive for a long time, but that assumption isn’t what makes this photo so impressive.

This is actually a photo of a massive cactus. Since it grew so tall, the base became thick and solid just like a tree trunk.

Unidentified Flying Cloud Formation

Unidentified Flying Clouds 16
Unidentified Flying Clouds

This is another photo that looks deceptively idyllic. It captures everything that a beautiful landscape portrait should have: a forest, a mountain range, and interesting clouds.

In fact, those clouds are almost a little too interesting. One of them takes on the eerie shape of a UFO. Don’t panic, though. These are just some run-of-the-mill, oddly shaped clouds. They won’t be depositing little green men onto the landscape anytime soon.

More Effective Street Sign

A Change In Hue 17
A Change In Hue

A stop sign is a common sight for most people, whether they drive or not. It’s one of the most basic safety signs on the road to help prevent collisions.

Yet, this stop sign would give most people pause and leave them wondering as to what prompted this creative decision. Instead of the universal red color that almost all stop signs share, this stop sign is bright blue. This could’ve been done to circumvent rules about putting official-looking stop signs on private property.

Impeccable Footing

Living On the Edge 18
Living On the Edge

When you look at this image with a regular zoom, it isn’t questionable at all. It just shows us a woman dressed fashionably, walking down the street.

If you zoom in on her feet, however, you notice that she’s standing in a precarious position. Her stilettos are perched right over the openings in the grate. You can see that her heels are just about ready to get caught - we hope she me it through without tripping!

Progressive Packaging Do You See It?

Progressive Packaging 19
Progressive Packaging

This is a package that a family picked up for their newborn son. It’s a skincare lotion me specifically for newborns, and it seems ordinary if you don’t give much thought to the photo.

However, this packaging is actually quite progressive. Most items for babies show a mother and child on the front of the package. This brand has taken a chance to offer the spotlight to fathers with this packaging that shows a man holding his baby.

A Little Bit Of Nature When Nature Calls

A Little Bit of Nature 20
A Little Bit of Nature

When you enter a public restroom, it’s not uncommon to see some plant life - whether it be real or fake. Many places use it to and to the ambiance and decor without being too overwhelming.

That’s why at first, this image probably just looks like another high-end public restroom with plants in the window. However, if you look just a little harder, you’ll notice that one of the “branches” in the enclosure is actually a rather large snake!

Bread Rock

Bread Rock 21
Bread Rock

This is one of those pictures floating around online where it's easy to see the wrong thing and think it’s just a dull photo. After all, it’s just a loaf of bread in this photo, right?

Wrong! While it looks just like bread, this is actually a rock that a Reddit user found while they were exploring the beach one day. Even the sand adds to its home-baked look since it could easily be mistaken for salt and pepper at first glance.

Strike a Pose!

Who's Ready for a Picture? 22
Who's Ready for a Picture?

In this image, most people immediately notice the white owl in the center. It’s an almost perfect closeup - he even has quite an expressive look on his face.

As beautiful as he is, this white owl isn’t what makes this image exceptional. You have to look into the background to find the hidden gem. While he isn’t in focus, the owl in the background is clearly surprised. He almost looks like a human who wasn’t ready for the camera’s flash.

Great Acoustics Room?

What Great Acoustics 23
What Great Acoustics
This image looks like it came straight from a real estate website. The open space could easily pass for an apartment with an open-concept modern design with a skylight.

In reality, what you’re actually looking at is an interior shot of an acoustic guitar. The hole in the “ceiling” is actually the cut-out in the guitar, and the black pegs poking down are the screws that hold the strings in place.

Now That's How You Take A Nap

Blends In Nicely 24
Blends In Nicely
This image seems to be nothing more than an old couch with a couple of throw pillows. If you look closer, you’ll see that there’s more to it than initially meets the eye.

There’s actually a man lying facedown on this couch - and his military fatigues help him blend right in. You can only really make him out thanks to his boots and the tiny sliver of his neck that’s showing.

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar

Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar 25
Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar
When you first see this photo, you might think you're looking at a colorful and even a creepy caterpillar. However, rest easy because the real answer is far from this.

Instead, what you're seeing is a line of birds sitting side-by-side on a branch. Their beaks look like they could be spines and their colorful feathers fur but these are just a group of songbirds that are enjoying an early morning meeting. The illusion is created by their close proximity to one another.

What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Cross-Stitch Talent 26
Cross-Stitch Talent
This photo seems pretty straightforward at first. It's a cute bag with an even cuter and more artistically completed cross-stitch of a pair of cats cuddling.

Yet, it isn't a cross-stitch at all! What you're seeing is a set of cats actually cuddling in a carrier. Because of the mesh screen in the opening, it looks like the two kittens are stitched into place. It's the perfect example of an image captured at just the right moment.

When Life Mimics Art

Look at Those Graphics 27
Look at Those Graphics
If you're a fan of video games, you've probably seen a scene or two where the visuals didn't render correctly, at least not right away. It looks a lot like the scene set out for you here.

However, this isn't a scene from a video game. This is the outside of a store in Hawaii in real life. The effect is caused by the sun beating down on the scene in the middle of the day, causing the scene to lack the shadows you might expect.

Photo OR Painting?

Like a Painting 28
Like a Painting
This image looks like it belongs in an art museum. The solid, dramatic colors make for an interesting minimalist painting that an artist put a significant amount of time and effort into.

You'd probably be surprised to learn that this isn't actually a painting at all - it's a photographed image! It shows the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Perhaps the most striking thing about this image is that the sky isn't made up of brushstrokes.

The Dead Center Of Town

City Scapes 29
City Scapes
Many of us are used to seeing cityscapes. Some of the most beautiful images of cities are ones taken from above showing a bird's eye view of all the skyscrapers and city lights.

That isn't actually what you're looking at here, though. Instead, this is a birds-eye view that someone in Tokyo could see from their hotel window of a cemetery. The "skyscrapers" are actually headstones and mausoleums commemorating those passed. Such a large cemetery makes for a striking image.

A Perfect Frame Job

Frame Job 30
Frame Job
The setting within this frame is so idyllic, it looks picture-perfect. It's the perfect thing to hang on your wall if you want to capture a little piece of nature in your home.

This isn't actually a framed picture, though. This is an image of the Australian outback taken through a window in a set of ruins. The contrast between the dull walls makes the view of the outback appear much more vibrant than it might without the framing.

Be Careful Where You Tread

Standing On Solid Ground 31
Standing On Solid Ground
At first glance, this image seems fairly normal. It looks like a trail in the park that's covered in leaves after a particularly eventful autumn day.

Yet, if you step on this path, you'll find yourself regretting your decision to do so. This isn't a trail at all but rather a river that's been covered in falling leaves. There are so many that the whole surface is covered, making the surface of the water indistinguishable from the ground.

I Dropped My Doughnut

Mushroom Mayhem 32
Mushroom Mayhem
At first, this set of images looks rather depressing. After all, it looks like someone was about to enjoy a big chocolate donut before they dropped it on the ground.

This is actually a much more natural addition to this grassy lawn. It's a mushroom in the photographer's yard with a brown cap that makes it look like a bit of chocolate icing. It's an interesting bit of fungal life that makes for a fascinating image that isn't what it seems.

Tiramisu Is A Little Dry

Tiramisu Dreams 33
Tiramisu Dreams
This image looks almost like a close-up of a piece of tiramisu that someone poked a few holes in. Yet, what you're looking at is actually something far less mundane in many parts of the world.

This is actually an image taken from the Algerian Desert. What caused this effect was a heavy snowfall. After the snowstorm was over, the sand of the desert recovered the snow. When someone walked across it, it showed the snow below the surface.

Waves In Space?

In Space? 34
In Space?
We've all seen a model of a planet before. Even more beautiful is the satellite and telescopic images of planets where they're the only thing visible in the endless darkness of space.

But, this actually isn't a picture of a planet from a textbook. Instead, it's the result of one creative beach goer. He took a picture of the waves but achieved the circle of imagery surrounded by blackness by taking a picture through a pair of binoculars.

Don't Adjust Your Eyes

Out of Focus 35
Out of Focus
This image at first seems to be fairly out of focus. Yet, this isn't the case at all. Instead, this picture is a bit of an optical illusion.

Rather, this ham is sliced so thin, that it's practically see-through. This allows you to see the details of each slice in the pack. Since the layers are slightly offset from one another, though, it doesn't quite line up and looks like a blurry or out-of-focus photo.

This Bread Tastes Funny

Looks Tasty 36
Looks Tasty
If you love bread, this picture probably has your mouth watering. It looks like perfectly cooked bread that's fluffy and baked through without being overdone.

If you take a bit out of this snack, though, you'll probably regret it almost immediately. That's because this isn't bread fresh out of the oven or a pastry someone bought at a coffee shop - it's a bar of soap someone's put in the microwave. Why this person did that is still a mystery.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Now You See Me 37
Now You See Me
Animals depend on camouflage to survive. After all, hiding in plain sight is how they avoid predators and keep themselves safe. In their native environments, some animals are easy to miss.

In this photo, the main subject is nearly invisible because of all the snow. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a pair of eyes, the tips of ears, and a little mouth and nose. They belong to a fuzzy white rabbit hunkering down in the snow.

When You Need A Hand

Give Him a Hand 38
Give Him a Hand
Even catalog ads see their fair share of editing before they’re launched. Sometimes even the most careful editors miss something, and little oddities are left in otherwise standard photos.

This photo seems fine at first glance. When you look closer, you’ll notice that there seems to be one too many hands in the picture. The father figure has an arm around his daughter, one on his wife’s shoulder, and once more by his side.

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Just Trying to Graduate 39
Just Trying to Graduate
Most college campuses today are fairly diverse. On your way to class, you can make friends from all walks of life with all types of majors and interests.

In this college class, someone extra special popped in for a lecture by this professor. If you focus around the center of the frame, you’ll notice a large dog in attendance. He’s so large that he practically towers over the people in the next row. We’re sure he was warmly welcomed by his classmates!

Two Legs, One Vase

Two Legs, One Vase 40
Two Legs, One Vase
This image of a woman is alarming from the second you look at it. It clearly stands out - you don’t often see a woman with three legs.

If you look closely, you can see that the third leg is just an illusion. To the right side of her body, this woman is holding a vase. Thanks to the tights she’s wearing under her dress, the tone of her legs almost perfectly matches the shade of the pottery in her hand.

Three's Company

Three's Company 41
Three's Company
This image looks fairly normal at first. It just seemed to be a decoration with six purple glass figures hanging down. While they're artistically done, there doesn't seem to be anything suspicious here.

However, if you look carefully, you'll notice that the decoration only has three pieces of glass on it. The other three are shadows colored by the reflection of the pigment in the glass casts as light passes through it. It creates a pretty convincing illusion!

I can't Bear This Anymore

Cute Keychain 42
Cute Keychain
This keychain of a frog is a cute addition to anyone's set of keys. Yet, if you look closely, you'll notice that this design isn't exactly what it seems.

This frog keychain wasn't always a frog. If you look closely, the mouth and eyes on this keychain seem like they might have been added later. That's because this was once a keychain of a bear that was later edited to look like a frog with a new face and eyes on the ears.

A Rave In The Sink

Neon Dreams 43
Neon Dreams
This photo looks surreal at first glance. At the very least, it looks like someone might have had a painting adventure with their kitchen sink to create this neon image.

However, there was no paint involved in the creation of this photo. The color here is actually caused by an LED faucet light that this Reddit user installed. The reason it reflects like this is that they caught the image at just the right moment. The light was changing between red and green when they captured it.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Mutant Lemons 44
Mutant Lemons
This image shows one normal lemon and one piece of fruit that you might not recognize. It’s easy to write it off as an exotic fruit that you’ve simply never seen before.

But that’s not quite the case here. These are actually both lemons from a Reddit user’s backyard. The larger, misshapen one is just a mutated version of a regular lemon - and we bet it tastes just as sour.

Beware Of Cats

Not Quite Domestic 45
Not Quite Domestic
This image looks so cute when you glance at it. Who doesn’t want to lay by the pool surrounded by a litter of adorable kittens?

When you look closer, you’ll notice that these cats are a little bigger and have more pointed ears than your average house cat. That’s because they’re actually wild cats. Since they’re so young, their full-grown mother probably isn’t too far away. It’s probably best to leave these little ones alone to avoid making her mad!

Leveled Up Her Jeans

Eye-Catching Outerwear 46
Eye-Catching Outerwear
When you first take a glance at this picture, you might think you’re looking at a drawing. You aren’t, though. If you look at the background, you can see that this is a real photo.

What gives this photograph the appearance of a drawing is the interesting pair of jeans. These are actual pants, not body paint - but they’re carefully designed to create an illusion. Instead of looking like a regular pair of blue jeans, these are meant to look like a pair from the game Borderlands.

Like A Rock

Just a Pup 47
Just a Pup
This picture captures a beautiful landscape setting. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the giant rock formations serve as the main focus of the photo.

These rocks are a great focal point for a hidden reason, though. Specifically, the rock on the right has a few interesting features. When you put them all together, it almost looks like a boulder-sized hound dog has taken up residence on this hillside.

Fluffy Tree

Who Needs Leaves? 48
Who Needs Leaves?
When you see something like this from a distance, you probably don’t think twice about it. After all, when you’re not up close, this probably just looks like a regular leafy tree.

When you come closer, you can see that this tree is actually full of little birds. It’s interesting to see them all positioned such that they take up residence on almost every open space of every branch. It’s also impressive that the photographer managed to capture this shot without scaring off the nervous subjects.

Creepy Peekaboo Wallet

A Perfect Coincidence 49
A Perfect Coincidence
This picture shows a stack of someone’s credit cards in a money clip. Without any further inspection, it looks like just that - a stack of cards.

If you want to understand how this picture stands out, pay attention to the hole in the gym card which is probably intended for hanging it on a lanyard. It lines up perfectly with the person’s driver’s license so that just their eyes are visible through it. It’s an easy thing to miss, but pretty funny when you notice it.

When You Meet Your Doppelganger

Nearly a Mirror Image 50
Nearly a Mirror Image
Upon first glance, it seems as if these two women are having coffee next to a mirror. And yet, the two women in the "reflection" are completely different people, despite a couple of similarities.

These include the fact that the women on the left have similar hair color and seem to be wearing the same sweater. However, the poles create the illusion that it is a mirror when in reality there is none and the "reflection" is just another part of the cafe.

Is There Something Wrong With This Picture?

The Hidden Fire 51
The Hidden Fire
You would think that all things would cast a shadow when placed close to some sort of surface. And yet, the only shadow in this photo is coming from the matchstick and not the flame.

It makes sense that a flame often doesn't cast a shadow, seeing that it is is a source of light. Robert Frost once wrote something along the lines of, "if the light source behind the fire was brighter than the fire itself, the flame would cast a shadow."

Proposal Meets Horror Movie

A Match Made in Hell 52
A Match Made in Hell
When a person gets down on one knee and asks for their partner's hand in marriage, it should be one of the purest, most wonderful moments in their lives.

And the fact that this couple managed to have the moment captured on camera guaranteed that they could always cherish it. However, it wasn't until later that they realized something wrong with the photo. As they zoomed in a little, they noticed a creepy face peering through one of the windows on the front door...

Mixed Messages

Happy Holidays 53
Happy Holidays
This doorway is perfectly decorated for the holidays, with a colorful Christmas wreath hanging on a beautiful bow. To see what might cause alarm in this picture, you have to look closely at the middle window.

While this man is merely smiling out at the photographer, we’re sure that if anyone came to knock on the door and looked up to see this man staring down at them… it would surely give them a bit of a fright.

Mannequin Disguise

Mannequin Manners 54
Mannequin Manners
This girl looks like she’s showing off her midriff in front of a rack of jeans when you first glance at this image. However, she’s done a great job of deceiving us.

If you look at her feet, you might notice that they look a little plastic. That’s because it’s not actually her body. Rather, it’s a mannequin which she strategically placed herself behind. You can even see her real feet behind the mannequin if you look closely enough.

Invisibility Pants

The Perfect Camouflage 55
The Perfect Camouflage
This picture looks absolutely normal when you first look. It’s just a snapshot of a woman standing outside of a door in a hallway carrying a bag like she’s ready to go out.

If you look closer, you might notice that she seems to be missing something. Namely... where are her legs? Don’t worry - this isn’t actually a woman levitating in a hallway. Rather, she’s wearing leopard-print leggings that blend into the pattern of the tile floor around her.

The Walk Of Shame

A Bold Move 56
A Bold Move
When you leave the house every day, you probably take the weather into account as you’re getting ready. You probably don’t make too many wardrobe decisions that would leave you feeling uncomfortable when you step outside.

That’s why it’s so funny to see this picture. While it’s just a set of footprints in the snow, you can see that one pair of feet was clearly barefoot on the journey. Those bare footprints stop pretty abruptly, though - so we can assume that the person realized they’d forgotten to put on shoes and tiptoed back into the house.

Immortalized Pet

Ready for a Treat 57
Ready for a Treat
For many, the first impression of this photo can seem kind of creepy. This pup looks like a decoration on a wall, like a moose head hanging in someone’s woodsy cabin!

Don’t worry too much - this pup isn’t a decoration at all! Rather, he’s just patiently sitting on a beige carpet while he looks at the photographer right above him. He might even be staring right at a treat that’s being used as an incentive for him to stay in place and look at the camera. What a good boy!

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