The Most Hilariously Awkward Real Life Moments

Humor Friday, November 5th 2021

It doesn't matter how sleek we may think we are, no one is safe from running into a potentially embarrassing situation. But there are different levels of awkward. On one hand, there's "I run into my boss at the supermarket" awkward. And then there's "I matched with my best friend's current boyfriend on Tinder" kind of awkward. Yikes!

So whether you accidentally sent a NSFW photo to your work group chat or you tripped and dropped your burger at McDonalds, these cringy real-life moments make us feel a bit better about our own awkwardness.

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Torturous Music Is In The Works

Torturous Music is in the Works 1

Peter Turik, the front man for a Toronto-based metal band called Witchrot, discovered that the woman he had been in a relationship for seven years had been sleeping with the band’s guitarist. Under the circumstances, Turik realized that the show could not go on, at least not for a while anyway. So, he explained why the band was going on hiatus and he didn’t hold back. But there’s always a silver lining like the fact that his girlfriend’s affair and his guitarist’s betrayal inspired him to write some serious torturous music. Yikes. Next time, hire a social media manager, man!

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