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These Memes Are Not Dirty At All

May 17, 2022

Just some innocent memes! Wholesome stuff about observations from your normal, everyday life. Some people might call these porn memes, but we think that’s a ridiculous name and have no clue we people would say that about nice memes like this. That is crazy talk! These might as well be Care Bear memes. They are that innocent

1. Just waiting for a shrimp

When you're waiting for the Hibatchi guy to fling a shrimp your way.

2. We all hate stubbing our toes

The moment when you stub your toe on the table leg.

3. It just gets everywhere

Just sucking the Cheeto dust of my fingers, nothing to see here.

4. Come on not again

Seriously I am trying to watch some Television Here

5. Drive thru is such a pain in the A***!

When the drive thru worker just isn't getting your order!

6. That wet spot is always a problem!

Just walking around the house and you step into a puddle wearing socks!

7. Step siblings can be so nice!

Nursing your step bro back to health like a good human being!

8. Big sisters are always there for you!

When life has you down you can always count on your sisters for support!

9. Random acts of kindness!

Donating your stimulus to the needy. We need more people like this in society today!

10. When a sad song makes you cry!

When it hits you so hard you cry a puddle!

11. Come Out Come Out!

When you are too kind to kill the rodents, just give the a way out!

11. Job Interview!

When your supporting your girl at her new job interview!

11. Thats a whole lotta dogs!

Seriously how many dogs do you own?

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