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Wallmart Cameras Capture All Kinds Of People

February 2, 2023


Wallmart people are special breed

Speaking of commitment, this associate has real team spirit. He got the Walmart logo shaved into the back of his head. It is important to love what you do, no matter what it is that you do, but this is questionable. Do you think his commitment and spirit landed him some benefits? Decent overtime wages and favorable shifts? Ha, not likely.

The fountain of youth.

You want to know the secret to staying young? A sense of humor. This guy surely has one. He donned a large, inflatable "fat lady in a swimsuit" costume before perusing Walmart's DVD selection. Notice how nonchalant he is as he reads the copy! Would you watch a flick next to him?

We can tell this guy is a lot of fun.

Here we have a fella that cares not about matching his apparel. Prints and plaids come together effortlessly in the outer reaches of Walmart's cold case area. Our subject first carefully selected a pair of flowing trousers in fine shades of olive and charcoal. The ensemble is capped off with a shirt printed with burgers and fries. This is definitely someone's father, or eccentric uncle.

"You have the right to save money and enjoy our low prices."

Nope, there's no limit or surprised to what you can see @ Walmart. For example, like this guy got taken down by four cops right near the Walmart entrance, In his underwear, no less! There are so many unanswered questions inspired by this photo. Anyway, the arresting officers seem pretty pleased and amused by their capture. Another day on the Walmart job.

The stuff of fairy tales.

In the famous fable, Rapunzel is imprisoned in a tower. In order to meet her paramour, she must let down her long, long locks so that he can climb up. It's all fake! In real life, Rapunzel puts on some sensible sandals and a sundress, gets into her Prius, and slides her debit card at Walmart like the rest of us. She's probably just buying a gallon of conditioner.

Tough stuff.

You know, everyone has to shop. And there's no reason why you should have to remove your bondage before doing so. This lady knows what goes with acid-green spandex: ripped stockings and creepers. The ponytail should be dropped in favor of a mohawk, or perhaps a full latex mask. Either way, it's refreshing to see people out there really letting their freak flag fly.

It's a horse, of course.

Ways to get to Walmart: car, train, bus, on foot, and by horse. But wait, there are no stables at Walmart. This wiseacre, unable to park his faithful steed, decided to try and ride him into the store. Or perhaps the horse was running low on carrots and apples and didn't trust his owner to remember them. In any case, after viewing a lot of these photos, seeing a pile of horse crap in the middle of an aisle wouldn't be that out of place.

You're fooling no one.

This man is a pretty, pretty ballerina. He has donned tights, a leotard, a tutu, and some slippers for his trip to the store. That's totally fine, but we're not buying it. If you can't walk the aisles unassisted, there's no way you're heading to a recital later. He's also stocking up on sodas and cookies; that's a major no-no among real dancers. Imposter!

Love is blind.

Even people with excessive facial tattoos find love, that's not so extraordinary. What is rather extraordinary is that this woman chose this specific man to be the object of her affections. And you know, he seems like a great guy. He's accompanied his woman to the hair dye aisle and seems pretty patient, even with the attention he's getting. These kids are going to make it; we just know it.

"Hey guy, how you doin'?"

What are the odds you'd run into Elvis at Walmart? If you're near Las Vegas, maybe pretty good. But what are the odds you'd run into Elvis and a giant goldfish in the same aisle at Walmart? One shopper did, and captured the momentous occasion for the rest of us. It's just another day in the lingerie department.


If you live down south, you know that big hair is a big deal. This lady takes it to a whole new level, though. Low on batteries, our fair lady promptly dispatched with four entire cans of hairspray, a rattail comb, and an unknown quantity of hairpieces in preparation for her trip to restock. The guy scooting around behind her can't quite believe it, either. Would you be able to stop staring?

We get it.

We know what you're thinking, but this lady is all of us at one point or another. You need the essentials, but getting out of bed is a drag. What do you do? Nothing. Throw on a blanket over your pajamas and soldier on. If you really want to stay committed to your sloth, skip the flip flops and throw on some old bunny slippers.

Behold, the ultimate neckbeard.

Is that a real fur collar? Fur is so cruel, you should really stop supporting an industry that…wait, never mind. From the chin up, this gentleman looks pretty clean-cut. From the jugular down, it's clear that he is actually part wolf. Bonus points for styling that top layer, it looks…festive?

Excuse me…. sir?

Has anyone made you feel like you're twelve years old all over again? It can be humiliating, but not for this guy. In desperate need of apple juice and green tea – gallons of it – he pulled on his favorite fuchsia tights and a schoolgirls' uniform. He didn't bother with a wig or backpack, because that's just how he rolls. Now, if he shows up to an actual girls' school, he's in really big trouble. But it's all good at Walmart!

Work what you got!

Are you an aspiring model? Looking to expand your portfolio on a budget? Well, we have a great idea. Strike a pose in the dairy case at your local Walmart. We promise, it won't be too cheesy! Bags and bags of Great Value shredded cheddar will really bring out your eyes.

Stand down, I repeat, STAND DOWN.

Not only can you buy novelty t-shirts at Walmart, but you can see a lot of them being worn. This lady is making sure that no one boxes her in line or disrupts her shopping experience in any way. What's that you say? It's just a t-shirt? We dare you to find out. She seems like the kind of woman who would call your bluff.


You know the old adage! "It can't be true if it isn't printed across your butt". This customer wants you, the shopper in line behind her, to know exactly what you're dealing with. Some people insist that leggings aren't pants. We dare you to tap her on the shoulder and say so.

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