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Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills

February 2, 2023

Here comes the bride, all dressed in – what? Our wedding day is one of the happiest days of our life, and while most brides-to-be dream of the perfect, classy, traditional wedding, others see it as an opportunity to unleash their creativity! It’s hard to believe that some of these women chose to walk down the aisle wearing these bizarre gowns, but one thing is certain – it is sure to be a day they would never forget!

Alternative wedding attire

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Alternative wedding attire
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As scandalous and out of the ordinary as this dress seems, at least it’s white – we can give her that. These days there seems to be a growing trend where brides slowly abandon tradition – it started with colorful wedding dresses – a gradual trend that started with off-white or light pink dresses and quickly escalated to black wedding dresses – as well as abandoning other wedding traditions as old as times.

Brides are giving up their something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, getting crazy with the wedding venues and otherwise neglecting tradition. While this bride gave her wedding gown a unique twist, one that we can’t really explain (what’s going on there?), at least she doesn’t defy the marriage institution completely by not wearing a white dress.

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Trashy style

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Trashy style
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For most girls, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. This girl, on the other hand, seems to think her wedding day is going to be garbage, perhaps her marriage as well, and so she dresses accordingly. It’s either that, or she was trying to make an environmental statement, and found the most inappropriate time for this protest.

This photo raises too many questions; did she design the dress by herself, or did she hire a fashion designer for the job? Are the bags filled with trash, and if so, aren’t they heavy? And the most important question – does her husband have any idea what’s waiting for him down the aisle? I imagine he’s got an unfortunate surprise waiting for him.

A blushing bride

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills A blushing bride
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We’ve seen the longest dress in the world and now we’ve found the shortest dress in the world – too bad for her there’s no such world record as the shortest wedding dress. It’s nice to see that brides bring out their own unique taste – their personalities – in their wedding gowns, but we don’t need to see that much of her.

At least she’s got her back covered. The really weird thing about the dress though, is the disproportional length of the front and the back, and how she’s stepping on the train of her dress. The beach is always a romantic location for wedding shoots, but she probably should’ve given it a second thought before choosing this sandy location with this kind of dress.

Orange is the new black

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Orange is the new black
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You might recognize this unconventional look from the reality show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. The show follows couples of Irish Trevellers – an ethnic group with unique cultural customs – during the preparations for their big day, and reveals how their traditional customs find an expression in their big day.

In this case, seems like what attracted the show to feature this couple was the unique choice of dress. Orange is a great color but a rather untraditional choice for a wedding dress! Coupled with the groom’s glowing orange suit – it’s a sight you can’t take your eyes off.


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Self-awareness
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Self-awareness is important, especially on the when all eyes are on you – the eyes of your parents, grand-parents, all your relatives and co-workers. Every bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, and so it isn’t necessary to dress this way to try and get people’s attention.

It’s hard to ignore something that’s staring you in the face like that, but putting that aside, what’s going on with the gloves and the necklace? It’s hard to understand what this bride was thinking wearing this wedding gown, but what’s even more puzzling, is how come the groom didn’t stop her.

The ultimate bridesmaid

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills The ultimate bridesmaid
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If you think this dress suspiciously resembles the sheep’s hair – it’s because that’s what it’s made of. This sheep breeder from rural England loves her job and her sheep, and so dedicating her wedding dress to them seemed like the most logical thing to do.

This is probably one of the most unique dresses ever made, and certainly one of a kind. It’s made completely out of wool (from the sheep in the photo – the bride’s favorite sheep!) and it took over 60 hours to make!

Congratulations, it’s a boy!

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Congratulations, it’s a boy!
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Try as you might to figure out this photo, I’m pretty sure you’d come up with nothing. Is this bride giving birth to her groom? This must be the strangest wedding photo I’ve seen. Brides and grooms have the habit of taking wedding photos, but these photo shoots usually include a romantic scenery and photos of them holding hands, walking towards the sunset.

There’s nothing wrong than wanting to be creative and have some fun with your wedding photos, but this is just strange. The only good thing about this photo, is that we’re so preoccupied by what they’re doing, that we barely even noticed the dress she’s wearing.

She pops

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills She pops
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Speaking of tradition – at least this dress is white, if nothing else! As strange as it may sound, turns out that balloon wedding dresses are a thing. They come in different shapes and sizes, but inflated wedding gowns are more popular than you thought.

It seems like a bold choice, however, and rather unsafe – as the balloons can pop at any moment! For instance, how do you greet your guests without the balloons popping? Or hug your new husband? As daring as it may seem, there’s a whole industry of balloon wedding gowns.

A cheesy event

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills A cheesy event
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Okay, who among us women never dreamed of having a pizza for a wedding dress? The phrase “you are what you eat” has never been more literal – this bride decided that for her special day, she wants to be a pizza.

I’m guessing pizza is the favorite food of the bride and groom, and perhaps it holds a special meaning for the couple. Much like the balloon gowns, pizza wedding dresses are here to stay, as more and more brides choose this unusually delicious design.

Careful with the knife

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Careful with the knife
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Again with the complete lack of self-awareness. If she feels comfortable standing, not to say dancing, in that dress in front of her entire family, we’re not ones to judge – but I can’t imagine anyone feeling comfortable wearing this dress to any event, let alone your wedding.

I would be extra careful cutting the cake with this knife while wearing this dress! And again with the gloves – is this a new trend we’re not aware of? We’re all for brides expressing their personal taste in their wedding gowns, but some of these dresses should be illegal.


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Patriotism
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We’ve all heard of themed-weddings, but how often is this theme the U.S? Apparently this, too, is not as uncommon as you might think! It’s called a “Star and Stripes wedding” and just like the picture demonstrates, it’s dedicated to the love of our nation.

This wedding is accompanied by the Star and Stripes engagement photo shoot, where both bride and groom wear U.S related attire. The most popular date for a Star and Stripes wedding is – you guessed it – 4th of July.

Pride parade

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Pride parade
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Every dress has a story behind it, especially outrageous wedding dresses. This dress is called “Candyland Dress” – and you can see why. Everything about it is colorful and cheerful, like it came out of candy land! This is another bride that was featured on Gypsy Weddings, and her dress, understandably, was a big hit on the show.

While all brides are the focus of attention on their big day, this dress is ought to make sure people won’t take their eyes off you! Some might find it a bit too extravagant, but the girl in the picture seems to be rocking this dress.

Shh, it’s body paint

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Shh, it’s body paint
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You can hardly call this one a dress, but it still deserves a place of honor on our list. This girl is wearing nothing but a skirt and some body paint – and in case you were wondering, body paint dresses are also a popular choice for brides looking to spice up their big day!

With body paint “dresses” you can do pretty much anything, as the dress is painted on your body according to your instructions. However, it seems like a dangerous choice, because what happens when it rains? We’re not sure we want to get an answer to this question.

This girl is on fire

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills This girl is on fire
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Look out – in the words of Alicia Keys – this girl is on fire, in the best possible sense. This bride is sure to turn heads at her big day, because she’s a flame. The dress might have an original touch, but underneath it’s still your good old white wedding dress.

Seems like this dress was meant to be a statement on how flaming hot the bride is, and how hot the wedding is going to be – but the outcome looks like graffiti wall decoration. Perhaps she should have gone with something more subtle.

Can anyone explain this?

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Can anyone explain this?
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Wedding dresses often have a story behind them, whether it’s a cultural one or simply a fashion statement – but this one I’m really not sure how to explain. It is unique – you can’t take that away from her. And we’re not here to judge, but other than that, it doesn’t seem like the dress has a lot going for it.

Wedding dresses are supposed to be beautiful and not necessarily comfortable, but this one doesn’t seem practical at all! How can you move around in a dress like that, dance, or let alone move your hands to accept the ring?

Dessert, anyone?

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Dessert, anyone?
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This isn’t a dress, but a human cupcakes stand, for the sworn chocolate lovers among us. It’s pretty handy, though – you walk around greeting your guests, and save them the walk to the dessert table. The only this is, chocolate and a white dress doesn’t seem like a winning combination.

Again, this dessert dress is not as unusual as you might think! We also have champagne dresses, where the bride walks around surrounded by glasses of champagne. The only bad side to this dress is that you’re facing a constant rick of getting it dirty with chocolate.

Prom queen

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Prom queen
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Every girl dreams of being a princess on her wedding day, and every princess needs a wand (wait – that’s a queen, not a princess). Either way, this girl certainly had her wedding all planned out when she was a girl waiting for prince charming, and she wasn’t going to give up her dream.

Pink is a rather utraditional choice of color for a wedding dress, but then again, it’s better than some of the dresses we’ve already seen. This couple, featured on Gypsy Weddings, look like the prom king and queen, and only one question remains – how did the dress fit in the carriage?

I’m a barbie girl

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills I’m a barbie girl
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Dreaming of being a princess is on our wedding day every girl’s dream, but being a barbie is a first. However, it’s your wedding day, and you can do whatever makes you happy – who’s going to deny you?

Yes, you guessed it – this is another girl that was featured on the documentary show. It’s interesting to learn what are the customs behind the dresses that make them so outrageous.

Hungry for attention

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Hungry for attention
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This is taking the human cupcake dress to the next level – with a dress made completely out of cake! We’ve seen some bizarre things before, but this one takes the money. This cake was made on the bride’s body – no bake of course, just cream and icing.

This is a good choice if you want to save on your wedding cake – but be careful not to eat it all before the ceremony starts! This wedding dress looks delicious and surprisingly flattering, but it’s certainly unconventional.

Drag it out

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Drag it out
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Have you ever seen a veil this long? Neither have we. Whenever we think we’ve seen everything there is to see regarding weird wedding dresses, a new bride comes along, changing the rules of the game. A veil this long hardly seems practical, to say the least, as she constantly needs people carrying it behind her – and how can the groom lift her veil?

Look how many people are needed just to hols the veil – I wonder if they are wedding guests, or people hired especially just to carry the veil behind her. One way or another, this extravagant wedding trail deserves a place on the Guinness World Records, and it definitely deserves a place on his humble list.

Hello, Kitty

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Hello, Kitty
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The saying goes “we are all children inside,” and seems like with this bride, it is in fact the case. Much like the bride who took her love for football a step too far, this bride took her love for Hello Kitty to a new level, with this hello-kitty ornamented wedding gown. I wonder what the groom thinks about it.

But she seems happy and that’s the most important thing, after all it’s her big day, and it’s the one day where she gets to be crazy and have all her wildest wishes come true, without anyone denying or judging her. Her parents seems supportive enough, and her father went all the way, holding the Hello Kitty balloon! That’s what we call love.

Champagne, anyone?

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Champagne, anyone?
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Why, don’t mind if I do! This bride took on a very important role, as if her wedding day isn’t stressful enough as it is. We’re not sure whether she wanted to save some money on waiters, or if she simply liked this unique wedding dress design. One this is for sure – this is certainly a one-of-a-kind dress.

The wine-glass bride and the cupcakes bride should work together and form the ultimate bride – the carries on her dress both appetizers and drinks. Perhaps the idea behind it was an attempt to avoid all those tiring wedding hugs – this seems like the perfect obstacle for someone who wants to avoid being touched.

The happy couple

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills The happy couple
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Compared to most other dresses on this list, this one seems moderate! It’s white, to begin with. But aside from the color, there’s no connection whatsoever between this dress and anything that is traditional. It’s hard to imagine a bride from the fifties looking like this.

It’s a bit unclear what stands behind this dress, seeing as it’s rather messy, with the layers of tulip flowing everywhere. But they seem happy and that’s the most important thing – after all, it is their wedding day.

Flower girl

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Flower girl
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Following the success of My big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a similar American documentary was created, following the wedding customs of Romani-Americans. Much like the Irish Travellers, they have their own unique traditional wedding customs.

While we’re used to hearing about the white dress, the bouquet toss and the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” tradition – these aren’t worldwide traditions, and every culture holds their own unique customs. Learning of these customs is what makes the Irish Travellers an interesting subject for the documentary.

Seeing too much

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Seeing too much
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This happy couple weren’t pretentious about their wedding and weren’t trying to be anything they’re not, but they stayed true to themselves, even if it earned them a place on this list of worst wedding dresses (and probably other lists). We don’t know about ‘worst’ dresses, but certainly shameless gowns.

Once again, we find it hard to understand what this bride was thinking, and what were her gussets thinking, or feeling, at the surprising sight of this dress (or maybe we should say this top). The groom’s outfit is also hard to explain, but at least he’s fully covered.

Mr. Right

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Mr. Right
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What amazes us about this photo most is that after everything we’ve seen at this point, we can still be amazed. We don’t even know where to begin; should it be with the orange hair, the casually-dressed officiator of the ceremony or the shotgun? If you ask us, the groom’s camouflage outfit is the worst part, and it’s a trend we’ll never understand.

What’s nice to see is how the bride tried to match her outfit to her groom, and so she stitched these camouflage flowers on her dress, which have otherwise could have been quite normal (compared to other dresses on the list, that is). Hopefully, they will always be as compatible as their weird wedding outfits.

Here comes the bride

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Here comes the bride
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We can’t really call this a dress, and we won’t, but this certainly qualifies as one of the most puzzling wedding outfits we’ve ever seen. The groom is fully dressed (and he’s not even dressed that bad), and so are the guests, which makes this outfit (to be honest, we can barely call this an outfit) that much more baffling.

While this outfit is anything but traditional, at least the blushing bride cared enough about tradition to wear a garter, if nothing else. The real question remains how come her husband, her friends and her family allowed her to walk down the aisle dressed (or rather undressed) like this. We’re all for feminine power and women breaking outdated social conventions, but at the same time, we’re worried she might catch a cold.

Their happy day

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Their happy day
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Looking at the groom in this photo, he makes the bride’s dress look like it’s takes out of a Haute-Couture line. We never thought we’d say this, since it seems to be the woman who’s always responsible for the catastrophes we see here, but this groom has worst taste than the bride, and we’re actually surprised she approved this outfit.

His outfit is so strange (what’s with the ripped jeans?) that we almost failed to notice the guard dog, the pregnant belly and the overall lovely surrounding; but they seem happy together, and that’s the most important thing. Besides, they don’t seem like the kind of people that would look back at their wedding photos twenty years from now, thinking, “what were we thinking.”

On the safe side

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills On the safe side
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We have nothing against creativity, but perhaps your wedding day isn’t the right time to be original. While some traditions are meant to be broken, others are there for a reason, and this photo perfectly demonstrates what happens when you don’t stick with tradition and try to break the norms.

What’s left for us to wonder is whether they made these outfits by themselves, or had someone make it for them, and how long it took to create this masterpiece. It’s certainly something we’ve never seen before (and hopefully we’ll never see again), but new isn’t always better. Going with a plain, white dress is sometimes the best choice, ladies.

Flying on cloud nine

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Flying on cloud nine
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Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and so it’s only natural you’d feel excited to the moon, but it doesn’t mean you need to literally fly to cloud nine. This balloon dress makes the bride look as if she’s just one balloon away from flying off to the moon.

Fashion trends come and go, but this is one trend that should have never come in the first place, and we’re hoping it will go away as soon as possible. Never mind how it looks, this balloon gown seems impossible to dance in, hug anybody, or even move at all. And forget what we just said – we have to mind how it looks, because when they said women need to suffer in order to look good, this isn’t what they had in mind.

Not you too

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Not you too
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It’s one thing when ordinary people make questionable fashion choices, but we never thought we’d see a celebrity on this list! You’re no imagining, this is actress Denise Richards who’s made this unfortunate choice for her wedding. This dress actually has a lot of potential, and it could easily be on the list of ‘best wedding dresses of all times’ if it wasn’t this shamelessly short.

Some women are confident enough (for lack of a better word) to wear such daring wedding gowns, but we mistakenly thought celebrities had some sense of self-awareness. After all, when it comes to celebrity weddings, it’s not only your whole family and friends who see you (and judge you), but the media and fans as well.

I do

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills  I do
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This blushing bride seems beaming with happiness, and that’s what really matters on her special day, and yet we can’t help but wonder what were they thinking. We’ve heard of wedding where the after party includes swimming, and we fully support it, but she could’ve had the swimsuit under the dress, not instead of it.

But the bride might not even be the strangest part about this wedding: the groom wearing an overall (and nothing under it, as it seems) gives her a run for the money, and the entire ceremony is taking place on a pickup truck – how romantic!

Just a bit over the top

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Just a bit over the top
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Much like the lantern dress above, this wedding gown seems rather uncomfortable – to say the least! Is seems pretty heavy – the opposite of what you want to be wearing on your big day, when you’re supposed to dance the night away.

But with all joking aside, looks like this dress took a lot of work and long hours to make – look at all the intricate details! It’s unclear whether they were going for queen, angel or a circus performer, but either way – this is one impressive dress.

Fifty shades of yellow

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Fifty shades of yellow
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Well, actually that’s only one shade – but a lot of it! This bride is brighter than the sun – just the stunning effect you want to achieve on your wedding day. The flower arrangement to match this kind of dress is of course sun flowers, an unusual choice of center pieces.

Yellow Quinceanera wedding dresses are more popular than you think – because why stick with the boring white, when you can be glowing like the sun?

A traditional wedding

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills A traditional wedding
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

With a headpiece like this one – who’s going to notice the dress? It’s almost as big as her head, and here we are back in the department of heavy, impractical dresses. But perhaps what catches the eye even more than this headset are the bridesmaids. This vintage photo shows that bridesmaids had to wear unfortunate dresses since, well, forever.

Being a bridesmaid is never an easy task, nor is it rewarding, but a good friend will do almost anything to make the bride happy on her big day. However, these dresses seem like the bride might be pushing it a little too far.

A fairy tale wedding

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills A fairy tale wedding
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Shrek is the ultimate fairy tale, and so what’s a better tribute to have at a fairy tale wedding? The message is clear – true beauty comes from within, and perhaps this bride wanted to send the same message to the guests at her wedding.

This dress makes perfect sense for Disney lovers, but that’s pretty much it. Of course, you can’t have the dress without the entire look – green body color and everything. Otherwise, you’re not a real princess.

Pretty in pink

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Pretty in pink
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

One last dress from My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding – because they’re all so outrageous! The most pressing question here is what’s holding this dress so that it wouldn’t fall?

One thing is sure about the culture of Irish Travellers and the Romani-American: they are colorful people, and enjoy colorful wedding gowns. But joking aside, it’s nice to see women take the freedom to be creative with their wedding dresses and enjoy their big day to the fullest.

For a themed-wedding

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills For a themed-wedding
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

I’m not sure what was the theme of this fashion show, but it seems like it was either nature or a Christmas Special. Either way, this is a real wedding dress made by an acclaimed fashion designer and sold for a lot of money! Actually, without the extravagant headset, it’s not all that bad.

But another thing about fashion shows is that the clothes exhibited often look good only on the models, as they are tailor-made for them. This dress is a perfect example – I can’t imagine it would look good on anyone other than this runway model.

All covered up

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills All covered up
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

This is yet another caption from a fashion show, and I’m not from this world, so I might be mistaken, but nothing about this dress strikes me as neither glamorous nor fashionable! And again – how can the bride dance in such a dress, let alone move her head?

At least it seems like she’s wearing flats rather than heels. This dress looks like the best wedding gift you can ask for – except the happy couple wants to receive the gifts – not be the gifts! I didn’t register for this one.

Costume party

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Costume party
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Another high-fashion wedding dress, straight out of a fashion show. Without the added bunny-ears and gloves, this could have made for a beautiful wedding gown that wouldn’t shame the best fashionistas around. But fashion has a way of making everything over the top.

Perhaps the contradiction between the delicate, classy gown and the black accessories is what gives it it’s charm, but this seems like another dress for the runway rather than the altar!


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Layers
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

I’m not sure how many layers are on this dress, but it doesn’t seem at all comfortable! Yet another Gypsy wedding dress – you can watch the show to learn what stands behind this dress and what made it the right one for this bride to be!

If we can learn something about the traditions of the Irish Travellers, it’s that weddings are a major event for them, and it seems like their culture is abundant with wedding customs as this dress is in layers.

She’s one with nature

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills She’s one with nature
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

This is a camouflage dress – especially for brides who don;t want to attract too much attention on their wedding day. Some brides shy away from the spotlight, and if your wedding is held outdoors – this can bee a good choice of dress to keep you hidden from the crowd.

It’s the exact opposite of a traditional wedding dress, and so is the bouquet this bride is holding. It’s rather unclear whether the idea behind this dress was nature or perhaps a military design, but either way, it’ll always be remembered as one of the most outrageous wedding gowns.


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Couture
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Last but not least on our list of high-fashion wedding dresses, just to really drive the point home, is this wedding dress. What is she hiding under there? It’s a mystery – our guess is that it’s the wedding cake.

This is another classic case of taking a beautiful, traditional wedding dress and making it over the top! And to be honest, even this model can’t make the dress look reasonable. How will the first dance go with this barrier of fabric standing between the couple?

High fashion

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills High fashion
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

The fashion industry has a flare for the dramatic, and so often in fashion shows they exhibit dresses that you can’t imagine anyone actually wearing. The case is no different with wedding gowns, and this one is a perfect example.

This one is not all that bad compared to other dresses on the list, but nonetheless, it seems like something only a runway model can wear. Like most other dresses on the list, it doesn’t seem at all practical. But we already know that fashion isn’t about being practical.

Didn’t stand the test of time

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Didn’t stand the test of time
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

This lovely wedding photo from the fifties shows us that even back then, when it comes to wedding dresses, people didn’t have more tact. Talk about bridezillas worried about their bridesmaids outshining them! In this photo, the bride’s dress is actually not that bad, compared to her bridesmaids. Seems like they were somehow left with too much curtain fabric, and they found the perfect use for it.

Perhaps if they didn’t take the photo in front of the curtain, this wouldn’t look so unfortunate – but it seems as if they almost asking to be made fun of. This is either a curtain fabric, or a dress fabric, you can’t have it both ways!


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Metallic
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Another hot trend you should probably be familiar with is the futuristic wedding dress. In a weird way, after seeing the balloon dress, the dessert dress, and a Disney-themed dress, this doesn’t even seem that strange.

The futuristic wedding dress must be accompanied by matching futuristic (metallic) makeup and accessories – to complete the look. Futuristic wedding dresses come in different shapes and sizes, and they can also be glowing in the dark – a popular feature of the futuristic dress.


Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Bride-groom
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

This unusual outfit has a name in the fashion world – half dress-half tux. It’s a great choice of attire if you’re getting married on Halloween and looking for a good prank, or if you want to marry yourself – you don’t need anyone else, as you can now be both the bride and the groom.

Apparently the half dress-half tux is a big hit among celebrities as well, and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) rocked this outfit in the 2019 Met Gala! With all the flashing looks of the Gala, this one was by far the most controversial and outrageous.

Just the right amount

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Just the right amount
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

Perhaps you already guessed it – this is another Gypsy wedding gown. What was appealing about the documentary show is that it didn’t only demonstrate some of the most scandalous dresses you can imagine, but also the whole adventure around planning the wedding.

You can see by the look of these dresses that the Irish Travellers or the Romani-American have very unique wedding traditions. Besides the outlandish wedding dress, often the groom and the bridesmaids wear unconventional dresses to match and accompany the bride.

Someone save the dogs

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Someone save the dogs
Tumblr / Pinterest / Instagram

We can always count on Gypsy brides to come up with the craziest, most extravagant wedding gowns. While usually it seems as if the groom just tags along and goes with whatever crazy design the bride has in mind, trying not to add pressure to the already-stressed bride, in this case it seems as if the groom is enjoying himself, perhaps even more so than the bride.

He’s almost as extravagant as the bride, with his over-sized fur coat, his top-hat and the Husky dogs which complete the picture. We did say ‘almost,’ however, since we don’t think there’s anything more extravagant than this multiple layered dress and the crown, which seems to be so heavy, her head can barely hold it.

I’m calling the fashion police

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills I’m calling the fashion police
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We realized it’s not cool to only make fun of the wedding gowns, when sometimes the real wedding disaster is the groom’s suit! And don’t even get us started on those unfortunate bridesmaids dresses – we don’t even know where to begin discussing those! We know that they had some questionable fashion choices back in the seventies, but this glowing blue suit takes it to another level.

And what’s up with the Adidas stripes on the pants? Everything about this suit screams bad taste – from the glowing color, combined with the black stripes, and the final touch – the flower. Who thought this suit was a good idea is beyond us, but it’s safe to assume it’s the same person who picked out these bridesmaids dresses. Either way, this makes the bride look good in her outdated dress (even for the seventies).

The ultimate sports fan

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills The ultimate sports fan
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Turns out that sports-themed weddings are a whole world you didn’t know about! And while American football is the most common sport in the United States, in England it’s soccer. That’s why this lady chose to dedicate her wedding, and more importantly her dress, to Manchester City Football Club.

In case you were wondering how hardcore fans these people are – the dress is made entirely out of the husband’s soccer shirts! And their honeymoon, naturally, was held at the team’s stadium in Manchester, celebrating their big day at their favorite spot.

Am I seeing double?

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Am I seeing double?
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We’eve heard of a double wedding – where best friends celebrate their happy day together – and we’ve heard of twins who do everything together, but walking down the aisle together, wearing the exact same dress, seems like taking it too far. The real question seems to be, are they marrying the same person? Or twins wearing the exact same tuxedo? We thought things like that only happen in movies.

The dress in itself is alright – not our personal taste, but there’s no accounting for taste – but the real disturbing thing about this photo is the identical twins getting married in the exact same dress. If this isn’t outrageous, I don’t know what is.

Not quite long enough

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills Not quite long enough
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This girl got married just so she could break the Guinness World Record for the longest veil. Okay, we don’t know that’s the reason why she got married (we sure hope it isn’t), but we’re not kidding about the second part – she really did break this surprisingly random world record. I can imagine the competition isn’t tough, but it’s still impressive!

Even if you try, you won’t be able to guess how long this veil is: the gown’s train is 26,559 feet long (8,095 meters), and we hope this endless train symbolizes the endless love of the couple! If this number is too high to mean anything to you, think about this: it’s long enough to cover mount Everest – the highest mountain on earth.

A messy dress

Wedding Dresses That Had Grooms Running For The Hills A messy dress
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Under the tremendous pressure of putting together a wedding, people can end up making bad decisions; this dress would certainly fall under than category. But we can’t imagine the amount of pressure one must have to choose a wedding dress like this one. That’s what we’d call a hairy situation.

We don’t know whether or not this dress is made of real hair, and honestly, we’re not sure we want to know, as the answer might send us off screaming. Either way, this doesn’t seem to qualify as a wedding dress under any circumstances, even in these modern times, where almost anything goes.

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