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Rocket German Review
Review Of "Rocket German", By Paul Weber
Kritter Rating (4.5 of 5)
Want to learn German--fast? Paul Weber says he's designed the perfect program to help you master German, called Rocket German. Full Review »
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Lisa is a freelance writer and social media marketer with more than 10 years' experience. VP of Special Media for Social Media Sun. Mommy/gamer/wife Lisa has been writing professionally since 1998...
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A published novelist, editor and university teacher, Jackie has recently moved to Canada to get married. She is a member of the Canadian paralympic sailing team squad and when not writing or teaching ...
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I write reviews of products I deem worthy of review. Generally if I'm reviewing it, I like it. I'll certainly offer my opinion if I see a chink in the armor, I'm just not going to waste my time on ...
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I am a 20-something freelance writer who specializes in technology and health reviews. In my spare time, I powerlift and try to live a healthy lifestyle.
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I'm a Father of four with another one on the way in September. I'm a gamer, writer and am going to school for web design.
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Reviewing excellent products that offer good value from reputable companies. Giving an unbiased opinion while being objective. Use my reviews to help you evaluate a product. Varied background i...
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